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Twitch Users by Country 2024

The original use of the platform Twitch was to stream video game-focused broadcasts. As the platform has grown, streams now include broadcasts related to music, talk shows, and artwork. The service also allows Twitch users to chat with others from around the world. In this article, we will look at some of the statistics involving the popular platform and how countries from around the world utilize the service.

The United States is home to the majority of Twitch users. Over 36% of Twitch users, 93 million in total, reside in the United States. Brazil is the country currently in second place when it comes to Twitch users. There are approximately 16.9 million users in Brazil, which is equivalent to 6.6% of Twitch users. So, the US currently has over 76 million more Twitch users than the place country in second place. Germany is next on the list of countries and has 16.8 million users or 6.56% of the online service's user base.

The United Kingdom and France round out the top five countries with high numbers of Twitch users. The UK is home to 13.4 million users, which is equivalent to 5.23% of the total number of Twitch users. France, on the other hand, has 11.3 million users or 4.41% of the user base. Russia and Spain are currently tied for sixth place. Each of these countries has 10.5 million users or 4.1% of the service's users.

Argentina isn't far behind Russia and Spain, however, and this country has 10 million users or 3.9% of the total number of users. Mexico also has many Twitch users and is home to 9.2 million users of Twitch or 3.59% of the total number of Twitch users. Moving across the Atlantic Ocean, Italy is another country with many Twitch users. 8.3 million or 3.24% of Twitch users live in the country of Italy.

Several other countries have large numbers of Twitch users as well. For example, Turkey is home to 2.92% of users, which equals 7.5 million. South Korea has 6.7 million users or 2.61% of all the total users. Poland is also home to numerous Twitch users. 4.8 million Twitch users reside in Poland and the country has 1.87% of the service's user base.

The final two countries that have Twitch users are Japan and Australia. Both countries have 4.1 million Twitch users, which is equivalent to 1.6% of the platform's user base. As Twitch continues to grow, more and more countries will join this list.

  • Data for USA & Canada are combined
  • Combined users for countries not specifically named are 28,900,000 (or 11.28%)

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Twitch Users
% of All Twitch Users
United States93M36.32%
United Kingdom13.4M5.23%
South Korea6.7M2.61%

Which country uses Twitch the most?

The United States accounts for roughly 36% of Twitch viewership or 93 million users, which makes the US the country that uses Twitch the most.

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