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Prime Meridian Runs Through


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What Countries Does the Prime Meridian Run Through / Countries the Prime Meridian Runs Through 2024

The UK

Where the prime meridian passes through may not have much impact on anything in particular, but it is fun information to know. If you live in the main of Europe, for example, the UK is one of the countries in Europe the prime meridian runs through. As we said, there are many things the UK is famous for, but it is fun trivia for those who want to know.


Another country in Europe, France, is one of the areas the prime meridian runs through. Somehow, it only seems fitting that a country recognized for love toys with the lines that divide east and west. Once again, of all the amazing things France is known for this probably isn't one of them.


If you are asked what countries does the prime meridian run through, there might be too many to remember, but Spain is definitely on the list. So if someone asked, and you answered Spain, then you would be correct.


Depending on how far north or how far south you go will determine what country you find on the prime meridian. Along the way, however, Algeria will certainly be passed.


Although Mali isn't as well known as some of the major European countries, it does share the fact that the prime meridian runs through it. This may even be a point of fun and fanfare for countries that are lesser-known.

Burkina Faso

Another one of the smaller countries, Burkina shares the distinction of being a place where the prime meridian runs through. One thing is certain, if you have gone this far, you have almost gone as far south as you can go.


Sharing the same southern characteristics as neighboring Faso, the small town of Tongo also can say it is a place where the prime meridian passes. It is also the main hub of one more stop on the continent of Africa, as Ghana is yet another country where the prime meridian runs through. If you were keeping track that was a total of seven countries where the prime meridian runs through.

We said there were quite a few, some better know than others, and there is also one more area where the prime meridian passes through that isn't necessarily inhabited, but people have been there.


Antarctica is the only other landmass that meets the prime meridian, so although there is no person to speak for it, it can factually be stated.

  • The prime meridian is half of the dividing line between the Eastern Hemisphere and the Western Hemisphere. Upon crossing over the south pole, the prime meridian is replaced by the International Date Line, which rejoins the prime meridian at the North Pole, completing a virtual vertical ring around the globe.
  • In addition to the eight countries listed, the Prime Meridian passes though the continent of Antarctica and several bodies of water: the Arctic Ocean, Norwegian Sea, Greenland Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, and the Southern Ocean.

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Prime Meridian Runs Through
Burkina FasoYesAfrica
United KingdomYesEurope

How many countries intersect the Prime Meridian?

The Prime Meridian passes through the continent of Antarctica as well as several European and African countries: The UK, France, Spain, Algeria, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Ghana.

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