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AFC Teams by State 2022

What Exactly Is the AFC?

There are a total of two conferences in the National Football League, commonly known as the NFL. These two conferences are the NFC and the AFC. The AFC is formally known as the American Football Conference, similar to its counterpart, the NFC or National Football Conference. The AFC currently includes a total of sixteen teams, just as the NFC does.

Both the AFC and the NFC were created due to the merger between the American Football League (AFL) and the National Football League, or NFL. This merger took place in 1970. Eventually, the AFC and the NFC both got to the current point where they each have sixteen teams. This means that the NFL as a whole has 32 teams in total.

How Are The AFC Teams Divided?

The AFC teams and the NFC teams are both organized into a total of four divisions. These four divisions include four teams each, for a total of sixteen teams per conference. These divisions are the AFC East, AFC North, AFC South, and AFC West.

Which Teams Are In the AFC East?

The first team that is in the AFC East is the Miami Dolphins. The Buffalo Bills and the New England Patriots are two more teams that are in the AFC East. The New York Jets round out the teams in the AFC East.

What About The Teams in the AFC North?

Moving into the AFC North, the Baltimore Ravens are one of the teams in this division. The AFC North is the only division in the AFC that includes two teams from the same state, Ohio in this case. The Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Browns both have their stadiums in the state of Ohio. The Pittsburgh Steelers are the remaining team that is in the AFC North division.

What Are The Four Teams in the AFC South?

The AFC South includes the Houston Texans, the Indianapolis Colts, and the Jacksonville Jaguars. The only AFC team that plays their home games in Tennessee is in the AFC South, namely the Tennessee Titans. The fourth and final division in the AFC is the AFC West.

Which Teams Are In the AFC West?

Two teams that are part of the AFC West are the Denver Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs. One more team that is in the AFC West is the Las Vegas Raiders. The fourth team in the AFC West is the Los Angeles Chargers. One recent development is that the LA Chargers are the only California team in the AFC West. The Raiders used to play their home games in Oakland, but the team recently moved to Las Vegas.

Which Team Are the AFC Champions Right Now?

The Kansas City Chiefs are the current AFC champions and they have won two conference championships in a row. However, they are not the AFC team that has won the AFC conference championship the most. That is the New England Patriots, who have won the AFC conference championship a total of 11 times.

AFC Teams by State 2022

AFC Teams by State 2022