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New Mexico

Dutch Bros by State 2024

Dutch Bros by State 2024

What Is Dutch Bros?

There are lots of people who cannot wake up in the morning without a cup of coffee. There are plenty of coffee chains out there that can provide a delicious beverage, but one of the most popular options is Dutch Bros. Dutch Bros was founded in 1992. At the time, it was nothing more than a pushcart that would stroll near the railroad tracks in Oregon, providing people with an opportunity to purchase a cup of coffee. Now, Dutch Bros is one of the most popular coffee chains in the country. They have a variety of delicious options on the menu, and they have helped people open their eyes to the wide world of coffee.

What States Is Dutch Bros In?

Even though Dutch Bros was founded in Oregon, it has since scattered across the country. There are a variety of Dutch Bros locations that people can enjoy. In general, this is a coffee chain that is located on the West Coast. It has a presence in 12 states, and it employs approximately 16,500 people. Now, Dutch Bros has about 750 branches.

The states that have Dutch Bros include Oregon, California, Texas, Arizona, Washington, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Tennessee. It has become a fixture in many of these locations, and it has become the gold standard against which many other coffee chains are compared. Given that Dutch Bros started in Oregon, it should come as no surprise that Oregon still has the most locations, with approximately 155 coffee shops in Oregon alone.

What Sets Dutch Bros Apart from Other Coffee Shops?

There are several reasons why Dutch Bros has become one of the most popular coffee shops in the country. First, it serves a wide variety of drinks, allowing people to customize them to meet their needs. Regardless of whether you are looking for something hot or cold, you should be able to find it at Dutch Bros. Furthermore, Dutch Bros is known for its attention to customer service. You should not have to worry about waiting for hours when you order your coffee, and the employees should be attentive to your needs. Finally, Dutch Bros was founded by people with a background in the dairy industry, which is why many of their drinks taste so good.

Is Dutch Bros Planning on Expanding East?

Dutch Bros is planning on extending East, but it remains to be seen just how far east the coffee shop chain will go. Even though it is committed to expanding in its current markets, such as Southern California, it is planning on expanding its footprint across the country. Furthermore, Dutch Bros went public relatively recently. This means that the popular coffee shop chain was able to raise a significant amount of capital, and this capital can be used to open new stores. Therefore, many people who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of a Dutch Bros in their backyard could be in for a nice surprise in the near future.

Dutch Bros by State 2024

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