East Coast States 2020

The East Coast region of the United States refers to the states that lie along the Atlantic Ocean. This region is also known as the Eastern Seaboard or the Atlantic Coast.

There are 14 states with shoreline on the Atlantic Ocean. Those states are:

The states of West Virginia and Vermont do not have a coastline, but they are sometimes grouped in with the East Coast states because of their locations and history.

One interesting historical fact about the East Coast states is that all of the original thirteen colonies are located along the East Coast. Today, these states make up the most populated coastal area in the nation. According to data from the 2010 Census, the states that have a coastline on the Atlantic Ocean have a total population of over 112 million people – about 36% of the total population of the United States.

There are many populous cities in these East Coast states, including New York City, which has a population of 8.6 million. Populous other towns along the East Coast include:

  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Baltimore, Maryland

Based on estimates taken in 2017, the states along the East Coast have a total population of over 118 million inhabitants. This region is home to more than one-third of the nation’s total population. It is also the most populated coastal region in the country.

By area, the largest state on the East Coast is Florida with a total area of over 65,000 square miles. Rhode Island is the smallest East Coast state by area at just over 1,544 square miles. Rhode Island is also the smallest state in the U.S.

Based on population, the largest East Coast state is Florida, which has an estimated population of over 21 million people. New York doesn’t fall far behind with a total population of over 19.5 million inhabitants. The least populous East Coast state is Delaware, which has a population of around 967,000.

New York City is the largest city on the East Coast with a population of over 8.6 million inhabitants. New York City is also the most populous city in the nation. Other most populous cities in this region include Charlotte, North Carolina; and Jacksonville, Florida.

East Coast States 2020

State 2020 Pop.
New Hampshire1,371,250
New Jersey8,936,570
New York19,440,500
North Carolina10,611,900
Rhode Island1,056,160
South Carolina5,210,100