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Garlic Production by State 2024

Garlic Production by State 2024

California stands as the undisputed leader in garlic production within the United States, boasting a staggering output of 4,587,000 units reported in 2022. This dominance is not merely coincidental but stems from a combination of favorable climatic conditions, robust agricultural infrastructure, and established distribution networks. With its Mediterranean climate and fertile soils, California provides an ideal environment for garlic cultivation, allowing for high yields and quality crops year after year.

The state's extensive agricultural infrastructure, including large-scale farms and advanced farming techniques, further reinforces its position as the primary hub for garlic production. California's garlic industry benefits from efficient transportation networks and access to both domestic and international markets, facilitating the sale and distribution of its abundant garlic harvest. While other states also contribute to garlic production in the United States, California's output dwarfs that of its counterparts, underscoring its status as the garlic capital of the nation.

Moreover, it's worth noting the unique circumstances in states like Nevada, where garlic production serves a specialized purpose. In Nevada, a significant portion of the garlic crop consists of "seed" garlic, which is harvested and shipped to California for further processing. This highlights California's pivotal role not only in garlic production for direct consumption but also in supplying seed garlic to support garlic cultivation in other regions. Overall, California's dominance in garlic production showcases the state's agricultural prowess and its indispensable contribution to the nation's food supply.

Garlic Production by State 2024

  • Data may exclude small-scale organic or backyard farms.
  • Data for states other than California is not reported by the United States Department of Agriculture's National Agricultural Statistics Service and is compiled from multiple estimates and sources.
  • Not all garlic is produced for direct consumption. For example, a vast percentage of Nevada's garlic crop consists of "seed" garlic, which is harvested and shipped to California, where the bulb is separated into smaller cloves (typically 8 per bulb) and replanted. These cloves grow and later produce mature garlic, which is then harvested for consumption.

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