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Confirmed by law

State Dogs 2024

State Dogs 2024

State Dogs 2024

  • The Siberian Husky's status as Connecticut's state dog is effective as of Oct 01, 2024.

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Legal Status of Designation
Year Designated
State Dog Breed or Type
Additional Details
New YorkConfirmed by law2015Working dog (any breed)
ConnecticutConfirmed by law2024Siberian Husky
WashingtonProposed2004Siberian Husky
New JerseyConfirmed by law2019Seeing-Eye dog (any breed)
DelawareConfirmed by law2023Rescue dog (any breed)
Note: Golden Retriever was the state dog from 2016 to 2022.
North CarolinaConfirmed by law1989Plott Hound
MaineProposed2015Labrador Retriever
OhioProposed2015Labrador Retriever
PennsylvaniaConfirmed by law1965Great Dane
New HampshireConfirmed by law2009Chinook
MarylandConfirmed by law1964Chesapeake Bay Retriever
LouisianaConfirmed by law1979Catahoula Leopard Dog
KansasProposed2012Cairn Terrier
South CarolinaConfirmed by law1985Boykin Spaniel
MassachusettsConfirmed by law1979Boston Terrier
TennesseeConfirmed by law2019Bluetick Coonhound
TexasConfirmed by law2005Blue Lacy
WisconsinConfirmed by law1985American Water Spaniel
VirginiaConfirmed by law1966American Foxhound
AlaskaConfirmed by law2010Alaskan Malamute
GeorgiaConfirmed by law2016Adoptable dog (any breed)