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Super Tuesday States 2024

Super Tuesday States 2024

On March 5th, 2024, a total of 13 states are scheduled to hold their Presidential primaries or caucuses. Here's an analysis of these states:

  • Type of Primaries:
  • Open Primaries: 6 states
  • Mixed Primaries: 4 states
  • Closed Primaries: 3 states
  • Total Number of Democratic Delegates: 1,344
  • Total Number of Republican Delegates: 793

This indicates that March 5th is a crucial day for both parties, with over a third of the delegates for each party being allocated. Approximately 37% of all Democratic delegates will be determined on this day, with approximately 36% of all Republican delegates also decided.

Super Tuesday States 2024

  • Open – Voters may vote in either party primary regardless of voter party registration but can choose only one primary to vote in
  • Closed – Only voters registered in their respective party may vote in the party primary
  • Mixed – A semi-open or a semi-closed environment, unaffiliated voters can choose to vote in either primary or voters can switch registration on the day of voting
  • The column Independent Filing Deadline shows the date for the filing of petitions by independent or third/minor party candidates. This is a general reference date for use by the public and voters. Candidates and others seeking specific information should contact the states for other deadlines that may need to be met. For example, the petitions may have to be checked by officials prior to this date. A declaration of candidacy may be due before the petitions are due. New parties may have different deadlines.
  • The Iowa Democratic Party is conducting a mail-in Presidential preference caucus, with preference cards to be returned to the party and postmarked on or before March 5, 2024. The Iowa Democratic Party’s January 15, 2024, in-person precinct caucuses are for party business and no expression of presidential preference will be tabulated at the precinct caucuses.

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Republican Delegates
Democrat Delegates
Primary/Caucus Date
Filing Deadline for Primary
Filing Deadline for General
Super Tuesday States
Arkansas40313/05Open11/148/05 NoonYes
California1694243/05Mixed12/158/09 (Independent)Yes
Colorado37723/05Mixed12/117/11 15:00Yes
North Carolina741163/05Mixed1/013/05 Noon (Independent)Yes
Tennessee58633/05Open12/05 Noon8/15 NoonYes
Texas1612443/05Open12/115/13 (Independent)Yes
Utah40303/05Open (Primary) Closed (Caucus)12/01 (Democrats)1/08 (Independent)Yes
Vermont17163/05Open12/15 5pm8/01 (Independent) 8/08 (Third/Minor)Yes
Virginia45993/05Open12/148/23 NoonYes
United States8331374