Where is Arkansas located?

Previously known as the Bear State, Arkansas is located in the Central Standard Time Zone. Arkansas is part of the Southern Region of the United States. More specifically, Arkansas is situated in the West South Central Division of the southern states. As the

GPS Coordinates

Arkansas has a latitude of 35.2010° N and longitude of 91.8318° W. The Natural State is surrounded by six other states. With Missouri to the north and Louisiana directly south, Arkansas also shares borders with Oklahoma, Texas, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Since Arkansas is completely encompassed by land, Arkansas’ most extreme points are along the borders Arkansas shares with the six surrounding states.

Most Extreme Points of Arkansas

The most extreme points of Arkansas are...

  • Northernmost: border between Arkansas and Missouri, with coordinates of 36.4998° N and 94.3549° W.
  • Easternmost: border between Arkansas and Tennessee.
  • Southernmost: border between Arkansas and Louisiana, with coordinates of 33.0041° N and 91.1661° W.
  • Westernmost: border between Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Total Area and Geographic Centerpoint

From the northernmost to the southernmost tip, Arkansas has a width of 240 miles. Similarly, from west to east, Arkansas stretches a full 276 miles, from the westernmost to the easternmost point. The most central point of Arkansas is in Pulaski County, which is twelve miles outside of the capital of Little Rock. Arkansas’ geographic center has a latitude of 34°48.9'N and a longitude of 92°18.1'W.

Arkansas has a total area of 53,187 square miles. Of this area, about 1,143 square miles are water, which accounts for 2% of the total area. Even with such a low percentage of water within its state borders, there is still a decent number of rivers and lakes in Arkansas. The Mississippi River and the Arkansas River run through Arkansas,

Elevation of Arkansas

On average, Arkansas rests at an elevation of 650 feet above sea level. At its lowest point, Arkansas is still above sea level by 55 feet. The tallest peak of the entire state is Magazine Mountain, with an altitude of 2,753 feet. Arkansas experiences four true seasons, though the discrepancies in topography throughout the state affects which are subject to intense weather. Humidity is a constant in Arkansas, which is the fate of a landlocked state.

Population Density

As of 2018, approximately 2,915,918 people call Arkansas home. The population density of Arkansas is 54.8 square miles, which means there are about 55 people per square mile in the state. Arkansas is a beautiful state that continues to attract an influx of residents with the passing of every year.

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137,732 km2
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Little Rock
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Arkansas Belongs to the South U.S. Census Region