Where is Georgia located?

Georgia is a southern state in the United States of America. With Alabama to the west and South Carolina to the northeast, Georgia sits north of Florida. Tennessee and North Carolina both border Georgia to the north. Georgia borders South Carolina in the northeast, along with the Atlantic Ocean predominantly in the east.

Climate of Georgia

As part of the Southern Region of the United States, Georgia is a South Atlantic state. The majority of the southern states are subtropical with seemingly never-ending humidity. Georgia’s geographical location makes for a bit of variety regarding the weather. The occasional rainfall provides Georgian residents with a brief respite from the typical sticky, dry air.

Highest and Lowest Points of Elevation

Speaking of elevation, the average altitude level in Georgia is 600 feet above sea level. The tallest point in the state is Brasstown Bald, a mountain in northeastern Georgia with an elevation of 4,784 feet above sea level. At its lowest point, Georgia is level with the Atlantic Ocean, meaning the altitude is 0 feet above sea level.

Rivers are the primary water source in Georgia. There are thirty major rivers that flow in and around Georgia, each of which has a few smaller rivers that trickle away and diverge in various directions.

Georgia is positioned near the East Coast which provides the southern parts of the state with a bit of coastline. Its southeastern border has many beaches, though Georgia experiences its fair share of tropical storms every year due to its positioning along the East Coast. The most destructive natural disaster to hit the Peach State was Hurricane Floyd in 1999. Similar situations have recurred in the years following Floyd’s destruction, including Hurricane Katrina, which made major headlines in 2005.

Geographic Center of Georgia

A geographic center is the exact middle point of a state. Twiggs County, just south of the city of Macon, marks the geographic center of Georgia. The GPS coordinates of Georgia’s centermost point are 32°39′43.6″ N and 83°26′17.9″ W. In relation to the geographic center, the northernmost tip of Georgia is in Rabun County with coordinates of 35.0007° N and 83.1087° W. In the opposite direction, the most extreme point to the south is part of St. Mary’s River in Charlton County. To the west, Georgia extends all the way to the Tennessee border. Finally, to the east, Georgia’s Tybee Island stretches out into the Atlantic Ocean.

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Georgia Belongs to the South U.S. Census Region