Where is Massachusetts located?

Known formally as the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Bay State has many nicknames. From the Pilgrim State and the Puritan State, to the Old Colony State and the Baked Bean State, Massachusetts is all encompassing. There is a variety of geography, culture, and climate to be found in the northeastern state. Considered one of the six New England states, Massachusetts is situated along the East Coast.

Total Area of Massachusetts

With a width of 183 miles and a length of 108 miles, the total area of Massachusetts equates to 10,565 square miles. Based on surface area, Massachusetts is the forty-fourth largest state. In other words, Massachusetts ranks as the seventh smallest state in the U.S. Of the total area, Massachusetts is 26.1% water and 73.9% land.

Population and Density

As of 2018, Massachusetts has a population of 6,895,917 people. As the third most populous state in the country, Massachusetts happens to also be the seventh smallest state in terms of surface area. That said, the ratio of area to residents is disproportional. There are far more people living within the boundaries of Massachusetts than there are square miles. The population density of the state is 840 people per square mile.

Geography and Climate of Massachusetts

Massachusetts is located in the upper eastern part of the United States. With GPS coordinates of 42.4072° N and 71.3824° W, Massachusetts is surrounded by New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Stretching from the tip of Rhode Island to the inland of Cape Cod, Massachusetts is divided into six different regions. The following regions are listed in order from western Massachusetts to eastern Massachusetts, seeing as the regions lie vertically across the state:

  • The Taconic Mountain Region in the far west
  • Berkshire Valley in the west, between Taconic Mountains and Western Upland
  • Western New England Upland, situated between Berkshire Valley and Connecticut Valley
  • Connecticut Valley Lowland in central Massachusetts
  • Eastern New England Upland, located just west of the Coastal Lowland
  • The Coastal Lowland, positioned along the coast of Massachusetts

Elevation Levels of Massachusetts

On average, land in Massachusetts sits at an elevation of 500 feet above sea level. Mount Greylock is the highest point in the state, with an elevation of 3,489 feet above sea level. The peak is located in Adams, a city in Berkshire County of northwest Massachusetts. The lowest point of elevation is directly at sea level, where the Massachusetts border meets the Atlantic Ocean.

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Massachusetts Belongs to the Northeast U.S. Census Region