Where is Montana located?

Considered part of the Northwest Region of the United States, Montana is in the northernmost region of the U.S. Surrounded by Montana is a landlocked state. To the north of Montana lies the Canadian border. With North Dakota to the east and South Dakota to the southeast, Montana also shares borders with Idaho and Wyoming. Idaho lies to the west and extends along the southern border of Montana for a few miles, while Wyoming is directly south of Montana.

GPS Coordinates of Montana

Montana’s GPS coordinates are a latitude of 46.8797° N and a longitude of 110.3626° W. The geographic center point of Montana has coordinates of 41° 1.9' N and 109° 38.3' W. This location is in Fergus County, just outside of the city of Lewistown.

Elevation Levels: Highs and Lows

The average level of elevation in the Big Sky Country is approximately 3,400 feet above sea level. At its lowest point, Montana’s Kootenai River flows at an elevation of 1,800 feet above sea level. The highest point in the state is Granite Peak, located in the Beartooth Mountains, which are part of the Rocky Mountain Range. The tallest tip has an altitude that reaches a point of 12,799 feet above sea level.

Population and Density of Montana

Montana has an estimated population of 1,060,000 people. In order to calculate population density, you have to know the total area of a state. In terms of Montana, the total area is 147,040 square miles. From there, you can determine the population density by dividing the population by the total area. As a result of this calculation, you will find that the population density of Montana is 7.09 per square mile, meaning there are approximately 8 people per square mile of Montana.

Montana’s Most Extreme Points

To the north, Montana stretches all the way until the border separating the United States and Canada. The northernmost point lies directly along the forty-ninth parallel as well. The easternmost point of Montana is along the shared border between the Dakotas and Montana. The most extreme point in southern Montana is located in the Beaverhead National Forest. In Beaverhead County, there are two mountains – the Italian Peak and the Scott Peak – and the southernmost point of Montana lies between these peaks. In the west, Montana extends as far as Sanders County along the border that Montana shares with Idaho.

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Montana Belongs to the West U.S. Census Region