Where is North Dakota located?

North Dakota is one of the least popular states in the U.S. It is categorized as part of the Midwest. Located north of South Dakota and directly beneath the United States’ border with Canada, North Dakota is sandwiched between Montana in the west and Minnesota in the east. North Dakota is landlocked, meaning the state’s boundaries are entirely surrounded by land.

GPS Coordinates and Geographic Center Point

The GPS coordinates of North Dakota are 47.5515° N and 101.0020° W. The geographic center of North Dakota designates the middle point of North Dakota. At a latitude of 47° 24.7' N and a longitude of 100° 34.1' W, the most central point is located in Sheridan County, ND. Not only does North Dakota contain its own center point, but the geographic center of the North American continent is located just outside the city of Rugby, North Dakota. The coordinates of North America’s center-most point are 48°22′2″ N and 99°59′46″ W.

Levels of Elevation

North Dakota is part of northern half of the U.S.A. Naturally, states in the upper north regions of the United States tend to be cooler, more mountainous, and continental climate. North Dakota, in particular, is even colder than the surrounding states because it is situated in such an inland position. This location is right between the equator to the south and the North Pole to the north.

The highest point of elevation in North Dakota is at the top of White Butte in Slope County. With an altitude of 3,506 feet above sea level, White Butte is quite the popular destination for snowboarders and skiers alike. At its lowest point, North Dakota is along with Red River with an elevation of 750 feet above sea level. On average,

Total Area, Population, and Density of ND

North Dakota is approximately 335 miles long and 211 miles wide. The total area of North Dakota is estimated as 70,698 square miles. Of this total area, about 69,001 square miles – or 97.6% – are comprised of land and the remaining 1,697 square miles – or 2.4% – are areas made up of water. The Peace Garden State ranks as the nineteenth largest state when looking at total area as the determining factor of size.

The population of North Dakota, as declared by the Census Bureau in 2018, is an estimated 755,238 people. In relation to the total area, there is a population density of about 10.68, so there are approximately 11 people per square mile in the Flickertail State.

State Name
North Dakota
183,108 km2
Area Ranking
Statehood Year
America/North_Dakota/Center, America/North_Dakota/Beulah, America/North_Dakota/Center, America/North_Dakota/New_Salem
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Where is North Dakota located?

North Dakota Belongs to the Midwest U.S. Census Region