Where is Wisconsin located?

Known as America’s Dairyland, Wisconsin is revered as the state that produces a wealth of cheeses and milks. Located in the upper Midwest, Wisconsin shares borders with four other states as well as two Great Lakes. To the west, Wisconsin sits beside Minnesota and Iowa. In the east, Illinois borders Wisconsin. To the north, Wisconsin lies along the coast of Lake Superior while the eastern part of the state has a coastline along Lake Michigan. Wisconsin is also bordered in the north by one of Michigan’s two peninsulas.

Geographic Location of Wisconsin

On a grid map of the United States, Wisconsin can be found by tracing the point with a latitude of 43.7844° N and a longitude of 88.7879° W. The geographic center point of Wisconsin is located in Wood County. The coordinates of Wisconsin’s very center are 44°26′16.00″ N and 90°07′48.67″ W.

Wisconsin’s Total Area, Population, and Density

The total area of Wisconsin is approximately 65,503 square miles. As the twenty-third largest state, based on physical size, Wisconsin has a population of 5,820,000 people, according to the most recent census. The population of Wisconsin, divided by the state’s total area, results in the calculation of population density. There are about 88.85 people per square mile, which would then be rounded up to 89 people per square mile. Based on population rather than area, Wisconsin is considered the twentieth most populous state in the U.S.

Elevation Levels of Wisconsin

On average, the elevation level of Wisconsin is 1,050 feet above sea level. At its highest point, Wisconsin’s Timms Hill reaches an altitude of 1,951 feet above sea level. Lake Michigan is the locale of Wisconsin’s lowest point, with a grand total of 581 feet above sea level. Despite appearing to be an inland state, Wisconsin is actually very near to the Great Lakes. This proximity to water accounts for the lower elevation rates. The more inland a state is, the higher the elevation becomes.

Most Extreme Points of the Badger State

The most extreme points of Wisconsin designate the furthest the state expands in all four cardinal directions. In the east, Wisconsin’s boundaries stop where Michigan begins. To the west, the most extreme point of Wisconsin is located along the St. Croix River. The northernmost point of Wisconsin is along the border that separates Minnesota and Wisconsin. To the south, Wisconsin reaches as far as the southern border between Lake Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

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Wisconsin Belongs to the Midwest U.S. Census Region