Where is Wyoming located?

Wyoming is a western state that joined the Union in 1890, thereby becoming the forty-fourth state admitted to the U.S. Wyoming is primarily located in the Rocky Mountain Range of the United States. The Equality State is split into thirds, with the western and central parts lying in the Rocky Mountain Range. The eastern part, however, is part of the High Plains.

GPS Coordinates and Geographic Center of Wyoming

The GPS coordinates of Wyoming consist of a latitude of 43.0760° N and a longitude of 107.2903° W. The geographic center of Wyoming is northeast of the city of Lander, in Fremont County. The coordinates of this location are 42°58′18″ N and 107°40′18″ W.

Points of Extremity

Wyoming is surrounded by six other states. Clockwise starting from the north, Wyoming is situated between Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, and Idaho. All of Wyoming’s most extreme points lie along direct borders. The northernmost point of Wyoming is along the border between Montana and Wyoming, which also happens to be the 45th parallel. In the south, Wyoming extends all the way to the 41st parallel on its shared border with Utah and Colorado. The border separating Wyoming from Nebraska is the most eastern point, while the westernmost point is the border between Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho.

Total Area and Population Density

Wyoming is 280 miles long and approximately 373 miles wide. The total area of Wyoming is 97,914 square miles. Of this total area, about 97,193 square miles are made up of land, while the remaining 721 is attributed to water. As of 2018, Wyoming is the tenth largest state based on total area.

Oddly enough, despite being one of the top ten largest states in terms of physical size, Wyoming is the least populous of all fifty states. There are twenty-three counties in Wyoming to accommodate a population of 573,720 people. The population density of a state refers to the relationship between total area and population. For Wyoming, the density is

Levels of Elevation

Earlier, there was mention of Wyoming being partially located in the High Plains of the U.S.A. It is important to note that this section of the state sits at a much higher elevation than the rest of the state. Even though the estimated mean of Wyoming is 6,700 feet above sea level, the easternmost third of Wyoming offsets the average elevation. The highest point, found on Gannett Peak at 13,809 feet above sea level, acts as an outlier. Despite the extremities, the calculation of 6,700 feet is still regarded as the mean elevation. The lowest point is located along the Belle Fourche River for a total of 3,101 feet above sea level.

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Wyoming Belongs to the West U.S. Census Region