Zurich Population 2022

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Zurich is an amazing city in Switzerland with both tourist attractions to visit as well as a thriving economy. It is known throughout the world as a leader in the financial sector, which is no surprise as this part of the country has had a successful population dating back over 6,500 years. The residents of the city tend to have high incomes with very little in the way of taxes, as most of the city's revenue comes from the large banks that have chosen to make their home in Zurich.

City Size and Population Density

The city of Zurich covers a surface area of about 87.93 km2 (33.95 sq mi). The popultion density of the city is approximately 4,700 residents per square kilometer (12,000/sq mi).

Population Totals

Zurich has not had a census since 2014, but according to that year, the overall population of the city is 391,400. It makes up approximately 4.766% of the total population of Switzerland. According to the study and reflecting the steadily climbing growth rate of the city, the estimated population of this year is estimated to be around 405,836.


The generations to come are where an already impressive Zurich will reach new and greater heights. The education system in this part of the world is top notch, with the youngest of elementary children, all 30,500 of them, learning three different languages: English, French, and German. Children in Zurich learn all the practical skills that other children learn as well, such as mathematics and science, but it is the extras that put this city over the top in education. While other school systems are letting go of physical education and extracurricular activities, students in Zurich are learning handicrafts as well as having swimming lessons.

Working in Zurich

Zurich is among the leading financial cities in the world, but it is so much more than that. While unemployment rates worldwide are skyrocketing in the wake of economic downturn, Zurich has been able to maintain an unemployment rate of just 4.2% of the overall population. Men do make up most of the workforce with 75.4% of them working in a stable job, but women are not very far behind at 60.6%, with the numbers reflecting some two income families.

Working within Zurich is quite different than in other places in the world. There are often strict laws governing workers as well as the employers, but in Zurich contracts and negotiation of salaries are decided on an individual basis as opposed to a set number. Therefore, employees within the city remain quite happy and are very loyal to their employers. This is part of the reason that the financial status of the city is so high.

Zurich Taxes

Taxes can be one of the worst parts of living in any city, but Zurich maintains a low taxation of its residents. The standard tax rate for the city is 8% with other goods taxed at a tiny 2.5%. Medical care and even education are completely exempt from taxation, making Zurich quite an impressive city to visit or send children for their education.

Zurich Population 2022

Zurich Population Data (Urban Area)

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