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Andean Countries 2024


Bolivia is a landlocked country that is one of the central Andean countries. This country is loved in South America and has a varied terrain. While certain parts of the country feature the beautiful Andes Mountains, there are also patches of the Amazon rainforest and the Atacama Desert. The capital of this country is La Paz, which is positioned within the Andes' plateau. The country also has South America's largest lake, Lake Titicaca. Bolivia shares its border with Peru to the South.


Commonly called Colombia, this country is technically named the Republic of Colombia. This country is in South America and is one of the five countries that make up the Andean countries. To the North, Colombia is bordered by the Caribbean Sea. To the South, the country is bordered by both Peru and Ecuador. To the East of Colombia are Venezuela and Brazil. On the West coast, Colombia is bordered by the Pacific Ocean. Even though the official language of Colombia is Spanish, about 70 different recognized languages are spoken throughout the country.


Of the Andean countries, Ecuador is one of the smaller countries. This nation is positioned right at the equator on the West coast of South America. The landscape in Ecuador is varied and includes everything from the Andean mountains' highlands to tropical rainforest and jungle from the Amazon rainforest. Plus, the rich Galápagos Islands are considered part of this country. The capital of the country is Quito, which has an intact Spanish center. Many of the 16th and 17th-century Spanish palaces still exist. This town also has several important religious sites and relics.


Like many South American countries, Peru has an incredibly varied terrain. Not only are parts of the Amazon rainforest in Peru, but also several of the highest peaks in the Andes Mountains. This area is home to some historic and ancient Incan cities like Machu Picchu. The Sacred Valley, the colonial town of Cusco, and the Inca Trail are also found in Peru. The capital of this country is Lima which can be found along the Pacific coast. The center of this country is exceptionally well-preserved with colonial buildings, architecture, and pre-Colombian art.


Positioned in the northern part of South America, Venezuela is in the heart of the Andes mountain range. The Sierra Nevada National Park is the heart of mountain exploration and offers the chance to see carried wildlife and vegetation. This country has some of the most diverse attractions ranging from Caribbean beaches and tropical rainforests. There are also islands and archipelagos nearby that belong to this country, at least politically. The capital of Venezuela is Caracas which can be found in the Northern part of the country.

  • The Andean Community (CAN) is a trade group of South American countries in the region of the Andes mountains, which was founded in 1969 to encourage industrial, social, and trade cooperation between members. "

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What are the Andean countries in South America?

There are 13 countries that are labeled as South American Andean countries. They are Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Panama and Uruguay.

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