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Baldness by Country 2024

Balding is a common problem throughout the world. Even though it is something that largely impacts men, it can also impact women. Some parts of the world have higher rates of balding than others. For example, people of Caucasian descent tend to have higher rates of male pattern baldness when compared to other ethnicities. That is why the highest rates of male pattern baldness are located in North America and Europe. Even though there are plenty of other locations across the world where baldness is a problem, it is more common in these areas of the world.

What Countries Have the Highest Rates of Male Pattern Baldness?

There are a few countries that have higher rates of male pattern baldness than others. For example, Spain has one of the highest rates of male pattern baldness in the world, where approximately 43 of all men are either bald or are in the process of balding. The Czech Republic is in the second spot, with just under 43 percent of men in the country either balding or having already gone bald. Germany is the only other country on Earth where more than 40 percent of men are bald or balding.

There are several other countries where balding is common as well. For example, in France and the United Kingdom, just over 39 percent of men are balding or have gone bald. In the United States, a similar number of people have also gone bald.

Why Does Balding Happen?

Similar to other medical conditions, there are plenty of reasons why someone may lose their hair. For example, in some cases, it is genetic. If someone has parents who have lost their hair, they are more likely to lose their hair themselves.

There are also situations where people may lose their hair as a side effect of medications. For example, people who take blood pressure medications may be at risk of losing their hair due to medication side effects. Most people are aware that chemotherapy can also cause people to lose their hair.

Finally, there are even some situations where an infection can cause someone to lose their hair. For example, someone who is infected with the coronavirus may be at risk of losing their hair. It is not the virus that causes someone to lose their hair, but it is the overwhelming immune response that can cause someone to lose their hair.

Can Balding Impact Women?

Yes, it is possible for balding to impact women as well. Even though baldness is much more common in men than in women, it is possible for women to lose their hair as well. It can be incredibly damaging to someone's self-esteem for them to lose their hair. That is why it is important for people to work with a clinical professional who can help them develop a comprehensive treatment strategy. There are some situations where baldness might be reversed with early intervention.

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% of Bald Men
Czech Republic42.79%
United Kingdom39.23%
United States37.89%
New Zealand28.9%