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Bauxite Production by Country 2024

As it’s a key component in the making of aluminum, bauxite is a very important element when it comes to multiple industries around the world. Examples include the chemical, metallurgy, and construction industries. However, the actual production of bauxite can vary quite a bit from country to country.

Here’s an overview of how bauxite production stacks up around the world, as well as a few forces that can influence a particular country’s overall yield from year to year.

Top Bauxite-Producing Countries Around the World

The following countries are among the top bauxite producers worldwide as of 2023.


Australia is world-famous for its many natural caches of various minerals, bauxite included, so it’s unsurprising that it’s the number one bauxite producer in the world. Its typical annual yield falls between 100 million and 104.8 million metric tons.

Top-tier mining resources and a solid export system help Australia raise its average annual yields even further.


China dominates much of the rest of the world when it comes to many industries, including those in the mining sector, and bauxite is no exception. It currently produces an average annual bauxite yield of 90 million metric tons.

In fact, China is well-situated to dominate world bauxite markets for many reasons, including its streamlined mining infrastructure. China’s high position in the aluminum industry has further driven its bauxite-related activities.


The West African nation of Guinea is currently the world’s third-biggest producer of bauxite with an average annual yield of between 64 million and 86 million metric tons. Like China and Australia, Guinea has invested heavily in its mining infrastructure, leading to big increases in production over the years.


With its bauxite caches located mostly to the north, Brazil is the fourth-largest global bauxite producer with an annual yield of around 33 million metric tons. This is despite the fact that Brazilian mining companies are also facing environmental challenges that can make keeping yields up difficult.

Factors That Can Affect National Bauxite Production

The most crucial factor affecting a country’s bauxite yield is its local access to naturally occurring bauxite caches. The greater the number of actual deposits, the better situated that country is to become a top producer.

Additional factors can include examples like the following:

Infrastructure: The stronger a country’s investment in its mining infrastructure, the easier it will be to keep annual yields high.

Political Relationships: A country’s relationships with other nations along the supply chain can ultimately affect its bauxite yields.

Environmental Factors: As with Brazil, environmental challenges and sustainability issues can present obstacles when it comes to bauxite production.

  • Values marked with a W have been withheld to avoid disclosing proprietary company data.
  • Additional countries not individually listed produced 8,900,000mt of bauxite in 2022, 9,330,000mt bauxite in 2021, 2,620,000mt of alumina in 2021, 2,200,000mt alumina in 2022, and possess an estimated 31 billion mt in bauxite reserves.
  • Global bauxite resources are estimated to be between 55 billion and 75 billion tons, distributed in Africa (32%), Oceania (23%), South America and the Caribbean (21%), Asia (18%), and elsewhere (6%). US bauxite resources are inadequate to meet long-term US demand, but the United States and most other major aluminum-producing countries have essentially inexhaustible subeconomic resources of aluminum in materials other than bauxite.

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2022 Bauxite Production (1000 Metric Tons)
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Saudi Arabia4,80052,0001,920180
United States1,2001,18020,000
United Arab Emirates2,3002,300

Which country is the largest producer of bauxite?

Australia leads the world in bauxite production. It annually mines an estimated 100 million metric tons.

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