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D8 Countries 2024

There are a lot of different international agreements across the world, and one example is called the D8. The D8 countries include Bangladesh, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Egypt. All of these countries have economies that are still developing, and this is a multinational agreement between these countries to help one another out in a variety of areas. There are a handful of agreements that have been made between these countries over the years, and this agreement is the most recent example.

What Is the Goal of the D8 Countries?

The agreement was signed in 1996, and there was a summit that took place in 1997. The signatories to the agreement cooperate in a variety of areas. For example, they agree to work together to increase the participation of each individual country in global affairs. They also pledge to handle any disagreements between each other using dialogue instead of confrontation. Whenever possible, these countries seek to avoid armed conflict and war. Every year, these countries handle tens of billions of dollars and trade with one another, helping to foster the growth of these developing economies. There are several specific economic centers in which these countries cooperate. They include science and technology, humanitarian aid, healthcare, finance, agriculture, and infrastructure. Furthermore, the signatories to this agreement represent the vast majority of the world's Muslim population, so they also focus on improving ethnic diversity and representation.

Does the D8 Impact Other Multinational Agreements?

Of note, this agreement does not have an impact on any other multinational agreements that these countries may have made with other nations. Many of these countries are members of different regional organizations. For example, there are a lot of regional agreements made between countries in Africa, Europe, and Asia. This specific agreement is a global one instead of a regional one, and that doesn't mean that the agreement is different from some of the others that these countries might have signed. The wording in this convention has been specifically designed to prevent any overlap, replacements, or contradictions involving other multinational treaties.

Can You Visit the D8 Countries?

There are a lot of people who are interested in visiting some of the countries that are members of this pact. For example, many people have heard that the beaches of Bali are absolutely beautiful. Other people might be interested in visiting the pyramids of Egypt. There are also people who want to visit Istanbul, one of the largest cities in the world. It is possible for people to visit many of the countries on this list, but the entry requirements can vary depending on where you are from and the length of the visit. Furthermore, even though many of these countries have safe areas, there are other parts of these countries that have some significant safety concerns. That is why it is important for everyone to take a look at information that has been shared by the local state department regarding visiting these nations.

  • The D-8 is a global alliance of Muslim countries that seeks to enhance economic cooperation among its members through the promotion of peace, dialogue, cooperation, justice, equality, and democracy. The D-8 is not a regional grouping, as its members are spread across Africa, Europe, Asia, and Oceania.

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Which countries are in the D8?

The D-8, also known as the Developing-8, is an Organization for Economic Cooperation between Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkey.

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