Double Landlocked Countries 2022

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Many nations around the world get to experience the beauty of the sea and its coastline. In the United States, for example, citizens on the West Coast have access to the Pacific Ocean, while people along the East Coast can enjoy the Atlantic Ocean.

However, there are some countries that are landlocked. This means that they are completely surrounded by land and do not have any coastline. Landlocked countries do not have seaports or direct access to the sea. However, these nations may contain freshwater sources, such as lakes and rivers. Residents of landlocked countries will need to cross at least one national border in order to reach an ocean or sea.

There are even some countries that are double landlocked. This means that a country is not only landlocked but is also completely surrounded by other landlocked countries. In order to reach a coastline, residents of these nations must cross two national borders.

There are only two such nations in the world that are classified as double landlocked. The first is Liechtenstein in Europe. Liechtenstein is landlocked and is also surrounded by the landlocked countries of Austria and Switzerland.

The second nation is Uzbekistan in Asia. This country is also landlocked and is surrounded by five additional landlocked nations. Those nations are Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan.

Double Landlocked Countries 2022

Double Landlocked Countries 2022