Epcot Countries 2021

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The World Showcase is the part of EPCOT that centers around eleven different countries. In relation to the theme park, the countries are referred to as pavilions, which just references the building that is designed with each country in mind. The World Showcase has a perimeter of one-point-two miles in total, and the pavilions are situated in a circle.

When EPCOT first opened, there were only nine countries that were part of the World Showcase. In 1984, the pavillion representing Morocco was constructed and added to the theme park. Four years later, in 1988, the World Showcase added a pavillion for Norway as well. The neatest part about the World Showcase of EPCOT is that each pavillion is designed with the intention of making viewers, tourists, and visitors feel that they are actually experiencing the country firsthand.

Each pavillion is not simply a glimpse of each nation, but rather, the architects who designed each of the eleven pavilions made sure to install as much culture, beauty, and realness within each pavillion. EPCOT refers to both a conceptual idea that Walt Disney thought of himself, as well as an actual theme park of Disneyland. No matter which version of EPCOT you are referencing, the acronym stands for the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.

The creator of everything Disney had the idea of transforming land that he owned in Florida as a place for innovation. He wanted to design a conglomeration of different parts of the world by creating a city, if you will, that brought all parts of the world together in one place. The concept was put into action after Walt Disney passed away in 1966. He never lived to see his conceptual vision come to life, but there is a lot of comfort knowing that people who knew about his dream made sure it became a real experience for Disney fans worldwide.

Concepts aside, EPCOT is an actual theme park that people can physically attend and experience in real life. EPCOT is a theme park that is part of the Walt Disney World Resort in the USA state of Florida. The park originally opened in 1982, and it was created in order to celebrate the numerous innovations in technology and culture around the world. The original name was stylized as EPCOT, and the name continues to be associated with the theme park despite being a smaller part of Walt Disney World.

Millions of visitors come to the location of EPCOT each year to roam through the theme park, explore the various attractions, and experience the world all from one place. There are several different places within Walt Disney World’s EPCOT area, including a place called Future World. One fact worth remembering about Future World is that it is separate from EPCOT.

Future World quite literally focuses on futuristic attractions, while EPCOT is more centralized around actual representations of countries that exist in real time. Even so, Future World is an incredible place to visit because the ideas will expand your mind and introduce your eyes to places you have never, ever seen in real life. The eight pavilions that are included in Future World are...

  • Innovations
  • Journey into Imagination with Figment
  • Mission: Space
  • Play Pavillion, which is set to open in 2021
  • Spaceship Earth
  • Test Track
  • The Land, which is made up of Soarin' and a pavillion called Living with the Land
  • The Seas with Nemo and Friends

As touched on earlier, one of the most interesting parts of EPCOT is the World Showcase. The World Showcase has eleven pavilions, each of which is based on the theme of eleven different nations. The World Showcase surrounds a lagoon, and the pavilions circle the lagoon. Each of the pavilions features attractions, restaurants, shops, and architecture based around the culture of the country it is meant to represent. There are also themed rides and live shows held in each pavilion, and depending on the culture of the country, the contents of the pavilion represent the nation.

The eleven different nations that are included in the World Showcase are...

There are numerous suspicions surrounding whether or not the World Showcase will someday expand to include plenty more countries. The eleven pavilions that already exist in the World Showcase are amazing and impressive as they are, but the commentary surrounding a push for more countries stems from the fact that there are just under two hundred countries around the globe.

Eleven is a lot but in no way do these eleven countries represent everything the world has to offer, so fans and foes of Disney alike are looking to see Walt Disney World become more inclusive. The pavilions that have been hinted at someday becoming part of the World Showcase include...

Over the years, EPCOT has witnessed an increase in tourism and visitors. More and more people continue to attend the World Showcase events to see, gaze at, and take in everything the EPCOT countries have to offer. Here is a glimpse into what the attendance rates have looked like over the past decade...

  • 2008 -- 10,935,000 people
  • 2009 -- 10,990,000 people
  • 2010 -- 10,825,000 people
  • 2011 -- 10,826,000 people
  • 2012 -- 11,063,000 people
  • 2013 -- 11,229,000 people
  • 2014 -- 11,454,000 people
  • 2015 -- 11,798,000 people
  • 2016 -- 11,712,000 people
  • 2017 -- 12,200,000 people

Epcot Countries 2021

Rank Country 2021 Population
United States332,915,073
United Kingdom68,207,116

Epcot Countries 2021