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House Size by Country 2024

1. Australia

Australia is the leading nation with an average of 2,032 square feet. The construction of large houses in the country is attributed to limited land supplies and housing affordability. Australians are also building bigger houses to have spare rooms for growing families.

2. United States

The United States is second in house size by country. The average house size in the superpower country is approximately 1,900 square feet. The bigger houses are attributed to the mass production and ready availability of cheaper building materials across the country. The perception that houses are financial assets also prompts many Americans to construct bigger houses.

3. Canada

With an average size of 1,700 square feet, houses in Canada are the third-largest homestead by size in the world. Houses in the North American country are also better built with quality building materials than houses in Australia and the United States. Like Americans, Canadians construct bigger houses because they perceive them as important financial assets. Financial strength and availability of building materials also enable people to construct bigger houses.

4. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has the most expansive houses by size in Europe. Houses in the United Kingdom have an average size of 1,590 square feet. Most of the apartments in the United Kingdom were constructed in the 17th and 18th centuries to provide accommodation for many workers. Moreover, people continually build larger houses because they have the financial capability and view their homes as assets.

5. France

France has the second-largest houses by size in Europe after the United Kingdom. The average size of a home in France is 1,550 square feet. Building materials in France are cheaper and readily available, making the construction of bigger houses easy and affordable. The French people also prefer building homes that can accommodate multigenerational families.

6. Germany

Germany is number six. The European nation’s houses have an average size of 1,470 square feet. Germans like building multi-family houses both in the rural and urban areas. The construction of large houses is also attributed to the high costs of land and building in the nation, forcing people to construct large homes instead of smaller ones to save money.

7. Mexico

Mexico has the largest house by size in the South American Continent, with an average house size by country of 1,400 square feet. The availability of timber and other building materials enables people to construct bigger houses.

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Which country has the largest average house size?

The country with the largest average house size is Australia, with an average house size of 2,032 square feet.

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