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Indy 500 Drivers by Country / Indy 500 Winners by Country 2024

A total of 74 victories by 50 Indianapolis 500 drivers have occurred in the United States, which includes 21 states total as reported by May 29, 2022. This doesn't include any wins after 2018.

The top three winning states by the number of wins include Indiana with nine from seven drivers, Kansas with nine from three drivers, and California with eight total from seven drivers.

Top Three States

Winning Indy 500 participants from Indiana include Joe Dawson from Odon in 1912, Howdy Wilcox from Crawfordsville in 1919, and L.L. Corum from Jonesville in 1924. It was George Souders from Lafayette in 1927, Louis Schneider in 1931 and Billing Cummings in 1934 from Indianapolis, and Wilbur Shaw from Shelbyville won three times with the latest in 1940.

From Kansas, Rodger Ward from Beloit had two victories in 1959 and 1962 and Johnny Rutherford from Coffeyville won three times with the latest in 1980. Rick Mears from Wichita four times with the last one being in 1991.

California's winning participants include Jimmy Murphy from San Francisco in 1922 and others from Los Angeles: Bob Sweikert in 1955, Johnnie Parsons in 1950, and Jim Rathmann in 1960.

Bill Vukovich Sr. from Fresno had victories in 1953 and 1954. Pat Flaherty from Glendale 1956, and Alexander Rossi from Auburn in 2016 were the winners.

Most International Indy 500 Wins

Worldwide, Indy 500 drivers have won 33 times, and these victories occurred among 23 drivers who came from 12 different countries. The top three include Brazil, France and Scotland with the latest recorded in 2021.


Tony Kanaan from Salvador de Bahia won once in 2013, and Emerson Fittipaldi from Sao Paulo won in both 1989 and 1993. Helio Castroneves won a total of four times with the fires time being in 2002 and the last time being in 2021 so far. Seven wins among three Indy 500 drivers is the total from this country.


Five wins from five drivers occurred. Jules Goux from Paris won in 1913, and the second Paris winner was Rene Thomas in 1914. Also from Paris, Gil de Ferran won in 2003. Gaston Chevrolet from Beaune won it in 1920, and Simon Pagenaud from Montmorillon won in 2019.


Four Indy 500 wins from two different drivers from Scotland. Jim Clark from Kilmany won in 1965 and Dario Franchitti from Edinburgh won three times with the latest being in 2012.

Recent Wins (2019-2022)

Simon Pagenaud from France won on May 26, 2019. Takuma Sato from Japan won on August 23, 2020, and Hélio Castroneves from Brazil had the victory on May 30, 2021. Marcus Ericsson from Sweden won on May 29, 2022.

  • United Kingdom count includes England (4 wins from 3 drivers) and Scotland (4 wins from 2 drivers).
  • Several drivers have won multiple times, such as USA's Bobby Unser (1968, 1975, 1981) and Brazil's Helio Castroneves (2001, 2002, 2009, 2021).

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# of 2023 Drivers
2023 Drivers
# of Winners
# of Winning Drivers
Brazil2Castroneves, Kanaan73
Denmark2Lundgaard, Pedersen
New Zealand2Dixon, McLaughlin11
Sweden2Ericsson, Rosenqvist11
United Kingdom3Harvey, Ilott, Legge (the only female driver in 2023)85
United States13Andretti, Carpenter, Daly, Enerson, Ferrucci, Herta, Hunter-Reay, Kirkwood, Malukas, Newgarden, Rahal, Robb, Rossi7450

Which countries have had Indy 500 winners?

The United States has had the most Indy 500 winners, but other countries, such as Brazil, France, and Scotland have also had winners.

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