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Largest Countries in North America 2023

What are the largest countries in North America? Here is the list of the ten largest countries in square miles:

  1. Canada (3,854,083 square miles)
  2. United States (3,617,827 square miles)
  3. Mexico (758,249 square miles)
  4. Nicaragua (50,324 square miles)
  5. Honduras (43,422 square miles)
  6. Cuba (42,415 square miles)
  7. Guatemala (42,031 square miles)
  8. Panama (29,111 square miles)
  9. Costa Rica (19,725 square miles)
  10. Belize (8,865 square miles)

The total area of North America is 24,709,000 km² (9,540,000 mi²) split across 23 countries and dozens of territories. The largest country in North America is Canada, which spans over 9,984,670 km² (3,854,083 mi²). Canada has a population of over 37.4 million people, with the majority of citizens living in the southern part of the country closer to the border of the United States. Canada is also the second-largest country in the world. The smallest country in North America is Saint Kitts and Nevis, which spans a total of 261 km² (101 mi²). St. Kitts and Nevis has a population of about 52,800.

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Area (km²)
Area (mi²)
% of Earth's Area
Canada10M3.9M6.73%Northern America
United States9.4M3.6M6.31%Northern America
Greenland2.2M836.1K1.46%Northern America
Mexico2M758.2K1.32%Central America, Latin America
Nicaragua130.4K50.3K< 0.1%Central America, Latin America
Honduras112.5K43.4K< 0.1%Central America, Latin America
Cuba109.9K42.4K< 0.1%Caribbean
Guatemala108.9K42K< 0.1%Central America, Latin America
Panama75.4K29.1K< 0.1%Central America, Latin America
Costa Rica51.1K19.7K< 0.1%Central America, Latin America
Dominican Republic48.7K18.8K< 0.1%Caribbean
Haiti27.8K10.7K< 0.1%Caribbean
Belize23K8.9K< 0.1%Central America, Latin America
El Salvador21K8.1K< 0.1%Central America, Latin America
Bahamas13.9K5.4K< 0.1%Caribbean
Jamaica11K4.2K< 0.1%Caribbean
Puerto Rico8.9K3.4K< 0.1%Caribbean
Trinidad and Tobago5.1K2K< 0.1%Caribbean
Guadeloupe1.6K628< 0.1%Caribbean, Latin America
Martinique1.1K435< 0.1%Caribbean, Latin America
Turks and Caicos Islands948366< 0.1%Caribbean
Dominica751290< 0.1%Caribbean
Saint Lucia616238< 0.1%Caribbean
Curacao444171< 0.1%Caribbean
Antigua and Barbuda442171< 0.1%Caribbean
Barbados430166< 0.1%Caribbean
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines389150< 0.1%Caribbean
United States Virgin Islands347134< 0.1%Caribbean
Grenada344133< 0.1%Caribbean
Cayman Islands264102< 0.1%Caribbean
Saint Kitts and Nevis261101< 0.1%Caribbean
Saint Pierre and Miquelon24293< 0.1%Northern America
Aruba18069< 0.1%Caribbean
British Virgin Islands15158< 0.1%Caribbean
Montserrat10239< 0.1%Caribbean
Anguilla9135< 0.1%Caribbean
Bermuda5421< 0.1%Northern America
Saint Martin5320< 0.1%Caribbean, Latin America
Sint Maarten3413< 0.1%Caribbean
Saint Barthelemy218< 0.1%Caribbean, Latin America
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What are the three biggest countries in North America?

North America's three largest nations by square footage are Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

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