Largest Countries In South America 2021

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What are the largest countries in South America? Here is a list of the largest countries in square miles:

  1. Brazil (3,287,086 square miles)
  2. Argentina (1,073,234 square miles)
  3. Peru (496,093 square miles)
  4. Colombia (440,715 square miles)
  5. Bolivia (424,052 square miles)
  6. Venezuela (353,748 square miles)
  7. Chile (291,855 square miles)
  8. Paraguay (157,006 square miles)
  9. Ecuador (106,861 square miles)
  10. Guyana (82,978 square miles)

The total area of South America is 17,835,252 km² (6,886,229 mi²) split across 12 countries. Eight South American countries are among the ten largest countries in the Americas.

The largest country in South America is Brazil, which spans over 8,515,767 km² (3,287,086 mi²). Brazil has a population of over 211 million people. Brazil is also the fifth largest country in the world, right behind the United States. Additionally, Brazil's capital, Brasilia, has the highest GDP per capita in South America.

The smallest country in South America is Suriname, which spans over 163,820 km² (63,235 mi²). The population of Suriname is 582,205 people.

Largest Countries In South America 2021

Rank Country Area Area (mi²) % of Earth's Area Region Subregion
1Brazil8,515,767 km²3,287,086 mi²5.74%AmericasSouth America
2Argentina2,780,400 km²1,073,234 mi²1.87%AmericasSouth America
3Peru1,285,216 km²496,093 mi²0.87%AmericasSouth America
4Colombia1,141,748 km²440,715 mi²0.77%AmericasSouth America
5Bolivia1,098,581 km²424,052 mi²0.74%AmericasSouth America
6Venezuela916,445 km²353,748 mi²0.62%AmericasSouth America
7Chile756,102 km²291,855 mi²0.51%AmericasSouth America
8Paraguay406,752 km²157,006 mi²0.27%AmericasSouth America
9Ecuador276,841 km²106,861 mi²0.19%AmericasSouth America
10Guyana214,969 km²82,978 mi²0.14%AmericasSouth America
11Uruguay181,034 km²69,879 mi²0.12%AmericasSouth America
12Suriname163,820 km²63,235 mi²0.11%AmericasSouth America

Largest Countries In South America 2021