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Mensa Members by Country 2024

A lot of people have heard about Mensa, but might be unsure of what this is. Mensa is an organization that is specifically meant for people with high IQ levels. It is the largest organization in the world, and it is the oldest organization in the world. It has been specifically designed for people who score at the 98th percentile or higher on an IQ test. There is no single IQ test that someone has to take to get into Mensa, but there are only a few tests that have been approved. Mensa was founded in 1946, and it remains a well-respected organization for people with exceptional levels of intelligence.

What Does Mensa Do?

The goal of Mensa is to identify the most intelligent people in the world, bring them together, and push them to create a better world for everybody. Right now, the world is facing a lot of challenges, and it is not unusual for people with intellectual gifts to be isolated from their peers because of how smart they are. The Mensa community fosters a community where intelligent people can come together, talk with one another, and work together to solve some of the biggest problems facing the world today. Furthermore, it is possible to push intellectual abilities even further in Mensa to make sure there are multiple opportunities for intelligent people that have a positive impact on the world around them.

Which Country Has the Most Mensa Members?

During the past few decades, Mensa has become a more diverse organization. Thanks to the growth of technology, it has become easier to identify exceptionally intelligent individuals and encourage them to join Mensa. The country with the most members in the world is the United States. The United States has more than twice as many members as any other country on Earth. It is estimated that approximately 50,000 people from the United States are members of Mensa. Other countries that are heavily represented include the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Denmark. All of these are European countries, and the United Kingdom has the second most members with about 22,700. Germany is also heavily represented, having approximately 8,500 people in the group.

Is Asia in Mensa?

There are a lot of people who are very surprised that Asia is not more heavily represented in Mensa. Of course, there are lots of very smart people in Asia, but many people in Asia are not aware of Mensa, so they might not even think about joining. There are approximately 1,000 people from South Korea in Mensa, and this is the Asian country that is most heavily represented. Because more attention has been paid to Mensa during the past few years, expect to see more people from Asia joining Mensa. Japan will likely become more heavily represented, and China may follow suit given the rapid development of this Asian superpower. It will be interesting to see what types of problems Mensa tackles in the future.

  • All per-country Mensa populations are minimum estimates. Actual populations may well be higher.

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Mensa Members
Membership Fee
United States50,00079 USD
United Kingdom19,000Standard Rate: £59.95/71.95 Euro (£5 discount for direct debit payment)
Germany16,00055 EUR
Sweden7,200345 SEK
Czech Republic6,042700 CZK (CRM Included)
Hungary4,70012000 HUF
Japan4,5003000 JPY
Netherlands4,30040 EUR
France4,00060 EUR
Finland3,30035 EUR
Australia2,50088 AUD
South Korea2,40050,000 KRW
Norway2,400500 NOK
Canada2,022$75 CAD
Poland2,000150 PLN
Denmark2,000550 DKK
Italy1,80040 EUR
Switzerland1,80068 CHF
Spain1,75039 EUR
India1,5001000 INR
Singapore1,40060 SGD
Brazil1,300133 BRL
South Africa1,300400 ZAR
Greece1,30040 EUR
Croatia1,30025 EUR
Serbia1,1002500 RSD
Austria1,00044 EUR
Malaysia90080 RM
Ireland85070.95 EUR / 59.95 GBP (DD 64.95 EUR / 54.95 GBP)
Romania80090 RON
Slovakia75025 EUR
Taiwan600800 NTD
New Zealand60045 NZD
Belgium50050 EUR
Mexico400400 MXN
Argentina4002500 ARS
Hong Kong300250 HKD
Bulgaria26050 BGN
Pakistan2505000 PKR
Slovenia25025 EUR (20 EUR if 25+ yo)
Montenegro20020 EUR
Philippines1601200 PHP (3000 3 years)
Cyprus11020 GBP (Payable to MIL)
Colombia10042000 COP
Peru10080 soles
North Macedonia100200 MKD (400 MKD for 3 years)
Luxembourg10040 EUR
United Arab Emirates5020 GBP (Payable to MIL)
Turkey20 GBP (Join via Mensa International)
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Which country has most members of Mensa?

The country that has the most Mensa members is currently the United States. The US has double the number of members as the rest of the Mensa countries.

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