Metals by Country / Metals Production by Country 2024


Aluminum is a widely used metal. China produces more aluminum than any other country and has about 36,000 tons of aluminum every year. India makes the second-most aluminum globally, producing 3,700 tons per year, a drastic difference compared to China. In third place, Russia has about 3,600 tons of aluminum every year.


Chile produces more copper than any other country globally, accounting for 5,700 tons of copper each year. The country that produces the second-most amount of copper is Peru, with 2,200 tons of copper per year. The third most copper production comes from China which manufactures about 1,700 tons of copper every year.


China produces the most gold globally, mining about 380 tons of gold every year, with an additional 2,000 tons in reserve. The second-most gold producing country is Australia, mining 320 tons of gold annually with 9,800 tons held in reserve. Russia is the third-most gold-producing country, which mines 300 tons of gold annually and has about 5,300 tons of gold in reserve.


Lithium is becoming largely in demand for its use in rechargeable batteries. Australia is the country to produce the most lithium, which mines 55,000 tons of lithium each year. The following country with the most production is Chile, accounting for 26,000 tons of lithium. The third-most lithium-producing country is China, mining about 14,000 tons of lithium every year.


Of the world's 4,000 tons of mercury mined every year, China unearths the vast majority of it. In a single year, China produces 3,500 tons of mercury. Mexico is the next highest mercury-producing country, which only produces about 240 tons per year. The third-most mercury-producing country is Tajikistan, which accounts for 100 tons of mercury per year.


Nickel is a commonly used metal applicable in several products and manufacturing processes. Indonesia mines the most nickel, contributing 800,000 tons of this metal every year. The following most nickel-producing country is the Philippines, accounting for 420,000 tons of nickel. Russia rounds out the top three nickel-producing countries with 270,000 tons of nickel produced annually.


Silver is a high-priced commodity that is used in several products. Mexico produces the most silver globally and accounts for 6,120 tons of the world's production. The second-highest silver-producing country is Peru, which mines 4,160 tons of silver every year. China rounds out the top three silver-producing countries, contributing 3,570 tons of silver to the global economy annually.


Every year, titanium production is increasing due to its longevity and versatility. China produces most of the world's titanium, accounting for 110,000 tons of titanium every year. Japan makes the second-most titanium in the world, creating 50,000 tons of titanium every year. At 33,000 tons of titanium, Russia rounds out the top three countries for titanium production.

What country produces the most metals?

China produces the most metals, including gold and titanium.

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