Plastic Surgery by Country 2022

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There is a myth that North America is the land of the plastic surgery, but the United States and Canada are not at the top of the list showing plastic surgery by country. South Korea is the country with the highest percentage of plastic surgeries in the world, and this is followed by Greece and Italy.

The United States falls below the fifth rank of plastic surgery by country according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. Here is a list of plastic surgery by country along with the most common surgeries that this country has:

  • South Korea: Rhinoplasty (nose), liposuction, blepharoplasty
  • Greece: Breast implants
  • Italy: Botox, liposuction
  • Brazil: Breast implants, liposuction
  • Columbia: Liposuction
  • United States: Liposuction, breast implants
  • Taiwan: Botox, wrinkle work

Key Factors Influencing Plastic Surgery by Country Rates

The key factors influencing the rates of plastic surgery in a country are the economy of the country and also the disposable income of the citizens of the country. Greece is a very wealthy country, as is South Korea, and have the income to afford on the luxuries of elective surgery for beauty.

In South Korea, it is estimated that the rate of plastic surgery is approximately one in five, with women being the largest demographic getting plastic surgery. Approximately 20 percent of women in South Korea have had plastic surgery or are thinking of it. Here, a nose job, liposuction, and blepharoplasty are the most common kinds of plastic surgery are at the top of the list for plastic surgeries.

A blepharoplasty is a procedure is a procedure that is also known as double eyelid surgery. In South Korea, it is not so much about eliminating or tightening the wrinkles around the eyes as it is about looking more like the Western world. This procedure typically involves removing excess fat around the eyes and eliminating eye drooping.

There are some countries where the government can offer a subsidy or even tax relief to people that choose plastic surgery. Brazil is one of them with tax relief being a key motivator for plastic surgery. In Brazil, there is no stigma for getting it done and it is even a symbol of status for those that get liposuction or have breast implants.

Status and stigma are also key factors influencing plastic surgery by country rates. As procedures get more popular, the rates will go up around the world.

Plastic Surgery by Country 2022

Plastic Surgery by Country 2022