Countries With Most Beautiful Women 2021

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The United States of America

Having been called the "Melting Pot of America," the United States, true its moniker, is home to beautiful women who have origins from all over the globe. So it doesn't matter what types of traits someone might view as beautiful the women of America have a little bit of it all.


Not only on the list of countries with most beautiful women but Brazil could also arguably be called the home of the supermodel. And more than a few Brazilian women have gone on to realize modeling acclaim from this country filled with an abundance of beautiful women.


If blond hair and blue eyes are your weakness, and if curvaceousness is a plus, then Sweden might be a dreamland for those who adore beautiful women. The beautiful women of Sweden are also much of this Scandinavian Country's appeal and for obvious reasons!


While the weather in Russia may be brutal, cold, and unforgiving at times, the women of Russia seemingly never fail to beauty, warmth, and a reason to love forgive the sometimes harsh climate. Beauty can melt many things, and the beauty of Russian women is hotter than the snow is cold.


Steeped in history and tradition, the Portuguese people are also no stranger to uniquely beautiful women. Portugal traditionally has a lower men-to-women ratio than most countries, and fortunately, those women are some of the most beautiful in the world too.


"There was an old woman who lived in a shoe," goes the nursery rhyme, and similarly, there are many beautiful women who live in the country shaped like a boot! Italy is known for beautiful women, and without question, those beauties have been the reason for some very sweet dreams.


The women of Ukraine are storied to be almost Amazon-like because of their renowned height and strong physiques. What they are in reality, however, are tall and picturesque beauties, and more than a few have graced the pages of publications like Vogue and Prada.


No list of countries with most beautiful women would be complete without adding the belle femmes of France. Known for being a land of love, romance, and poetry, the French are no strangers to beautiful women.


Latin women are known worldwide for their beauty. That also makes Venezuela a hotbed for supermodels and is home to more than a few beautiful women.


Perhaps one of the greatest secrets Turkey has is that this tiny country is rich with beautiful women. Beauty comes in many shapes and sizes, and rounding out our list of countries with the most beautiful women, Turkey is just one "small" example of that.

Countries With Most Beautiful Women 2021

Rank Country 2021 Population
United States332,915,073

Countries With Most Beautiful Women 2021