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Tiger Countries / Countries in Which Tigers Live 2024


Although tigers once lived throughout Cambodia, they have been declared functionally extinct in this country. There are efforts underway between the World Wildlife Federation and Cambodia to re-introduce wild tigers back into the country. The last tiger sighted and photographed in Cambodia was in 2007.


Many of the tigers in Bangladesh are tough to spot because they quickly swim between dense patches of mangrove plants. Scientists believe there are only about 100 tigers left in this country. A study is underway to track female tigers by having the tigers wear radio collars that transmit their location to scientists.


At one point, several tigers were living in Vietnam, but environmental factors, including loss of natural habitat, have contributed to a steep decline in the wild tiger population. Today, scientists believe only a handful of tigers are left in the country. The last photographed tiger from Vietnam was in 1997.


A rare success story regarding tiger populations, India's population of wild tigers is steadily increasing each year. In 2006, a national survey concluded that 1,411 tigers remained. In four years, that number increased to 1,706 tigers. Again, by 2014, the number of wild tigers in India had increased to 2,226. At this rate, the tiger population in India has been increasing by about 5.8% each year, with no signs of slowing down.


The tiger population in Bhutan is different from others because these felines roam in the high mountainous areas. The Bhutan tigers share their territory with snow leopards. In 2014, a national survey concluded that 103 tigers were roaming free in the wild. The previous estimate before the official count estimated that only 75 tigers lived in Bhutan.


In Thailand, tigers are protected animals and mostly live on protected preserves. There are at least 189 known tigers. In 2016, a tiger camera trap found a population of critically endangered Indochinese tigers living in a national park. The national park helps protect the tigers and supports anti-poaching efforts across the country.


There is a tiny population of tigers left in Laos, and the most recent estimates cite no female breeding tigers in the population. The most recent count in 2010 found only 17 tigers in the country.


The largest population of tiger subspecies is the Amur Tiger. This specific type of tiger is only found in the Russian Far East in areas that border China. In 2010, a protected area was established for the Amur Tiger to protect this species. Breeding tigers were found in 2015 for the first time in a decade. Currently, estimates suggest that only 50 tigers or fewer live in China.


The largest population of Sumatran tigers lives in Indonesia. In 1978, scientists concluded that about 1,000 tigers lived in the wild. Today, estimates are much lower, suggesting that as few as 400 tigers are in the wild. However, official surveys and counts are difficult to conduct because the jungles in Sumatra are so dense.


Russia is dedicated to protecting its wild tiger population and conducts a special survey every ten years. In 2005, scientists estimated the tiger population between 423 and 502 tigers. In 2015, a new survey suggested tiger populations increased to between 480 and 540 tigers in the wild.

  • Numbers shown are for wild tigers. It is a widely cited statistic that captive tigers may soon outnumber wild tigers.
  • Wild tigers have not been seen in Cambodia since 2007, but efforts are underway to reintroduce them.
  • Tiger populations are dwindling drastically as a result of human encroachment and rampant poaching, particularly in South Asia.

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Estimated population is 400 or fewer
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What countries do tigers live in?

Tigers can be found in the countries of India, Russia, Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand, Bhutan, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, China, Vietnam and Laos.

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