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Amish Population 2022

We live in a technologically advanced world. Think about it – we have smartphones that we carry around with us that could double as computers, and you can use the internet for nearly everything – from finding old classmates to paying your utility bills. While many of us are immersed in this technology, one group has shunned this modern technology and lives a much simpler lifestyle. That group is the Amish. The Amish first made their way to the United States during the 18th century when faced with religious persecution in Europe. However, this religious sect was first established in the 17th century based on the teaching of Jakob Amman, for whom the Amish are named.

This religious sect lives a very simple life away from urban areas. Most Amish people are farmers, although some delve into other industries such as carpentry and housing construction. Most Amish people do not drive cars, do not use TV, electricity, radios, or computers, and don't go to college or join the military. The sect's children typically only go to school through the eighth grade, with about 90% attending public schools. Amish people also dress quite plainly in clothes in neutral colors with no Velcro or zippers.

Amish Population by State

As of 2020, 31 U.S. states have significant Amish populations. Estimates show that there are about 344,670 Amish people in the U.S. The largest Amish population is found in the state of Pennsylvania, which has about 81,500 Amish people. Ohio follows with 78,200 people, and Indiana with 59,305.

Other states with an Amish population of at least 10,000 include:

The following states have an Amish population of at least 1,000 but less than 10,000:

The remaining states have very small populations of Amish people:

Here are the 10 states with the highest Amish Population:

  1. Pennsylvania - 81,500
  2. Ohio - 78,280
  3. Indiana - 59,305
  4. Wisconsin - 22,235
  5. New York - 21,230
  6. Michigan - 16,525
  7. Missouri - 14,520
  8. Kentucky - 13,595
  9. Iowa - 9,780
  10. Illinois - 7,240

Amish Population 2022


Amish Population 2022

Amish Population 2022