Independent Voters by State 2022

There are three primary classes of voters in the US. While most are very familiar with the two leading parties, Democrats and Republicans, the third group, independent voters, may have something to say about that. The truth is when it comes to how many voters identify themselves as Democrats, Republicans, or Independents, the numbers are surprising.

Independent Voters

According to the most recent Gallup news polls, including the historical data, Independent voters make up a much larger portion of voters than most might imagine. Monthly reports from 2021 state that on average more than 40 percent of voters identify themselves as independent voters.

Although these numbers always fluctuate, and even more so during election time, they are quite revealing. Based on the most recent data, those who identify as independent voters reached a high of 50 percent at the end of January of this year. Yes, half.

Behind the Numbers

In many cases, these numbers can be viewed as undecided voters, who may often choose independent when in Limbo. By contrast, the number of people who declare as Republican or Democrat typically hovers around 30 percent. Yes, that means that voters who identify as independent voters outpace both, those who declare themselves as Democrat and Republican voters.

Another interesting note is that the low mark for those declaring as Republican voters dipped to 24 percent. On the Democratic voter side those low marks reached 25 percent. By comparison, the low mark for independent voters only reached 35 percent once and steadily remains around 40 percent.

The Independent Voter Story

Historically speaking, these numbers are not an aberration. The data for independent voters according to this date also reveals that those who typically identify as independent voters typically outpaced both Republican and Democratic voters. Those statistics date back to 2004 and have shockingly remained steady.

Although most Independent voters will typically swing one way or the other, be it Democrat or Republican, the number of independent voters is still surprising. It may be impossible to determine how many of those voters are undecided or simply not politically inclined, but it is easy to determine just how important independent voters are.

Yes, the Democratic and Republican parties are the leading and most powerful parties. Based on the data and historical evidence though, they aren't the most popular party. The numbers don't always tell the whole story but there is truth in those figures. And there are also a considerable number of votes.

Independent Voters by State 2022