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Northern States 2021

The Northern states – or simply, the North – is a region located in the United States. This region encompasses the nation’s northernmost states that are also located in the East and Midwest regions of the country. Although the definition of what constitutes this region varies based on who you ask, the North is generally defined as including these states:

Historically, the term “Northern states” was used to describe what is now New England. Today, it is generally though that this term refers to the states of the Northeast.

Of these Northern states, New York is the largest by population with over 19.5 million inhabitants. Pennsylvania has the next highest population with over 12.8 million inhabitants. Illinois and Ohio are also populous with over 10 million inhabitants in each state.

North Dakota is the smallest state by population in the Northern region of the U.S. This state is the 47th least populous state in the entire nation with an estimated population of just over 760,000 people. South Dakota doesn’t fall far behind with a population of over 880,000.

In terms of area, Michigan is the largest of the Northern states with a total area of over 96,700 square miles. Minnesota, Kansas, and Nebraska are also among the region’s largest states by area.

Rhode Island is the smallest state in the North with an area of less than 1,545 square miles. Rhode Island is also the smallest state in the United States.

The North is home to some of the biggest states in the nation. In fact, New York City is the largest city in the entire nation with an estimated population of nearly 8.4 million people. Chicago, Illinois, is another one of the nation’s most populous cities. With over 2.7 million inhabitants, Chicago is the third most populous city in the U.S. Other major cities in the North include Columbus, Ohio; Indianapolis, Indiana; and Boston, Massachusetts.

Northern States 2021

State 2021 Pop.
New Hampshire1,372,203
New Jersey8,874,520
New York19,299,981
North Dakota770,026
Rhode Island1,061,509
South Dakota896,581

Northern States 2021