Nuclear Targets by State 2023

Why People Are Concerned About Nuclear War

There have been a lot of changes in the world recently, with one of the biggest being the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Although Russia is calling this attack a “special military operation,” this is obviously a war. It is the largest land war in Europe since World War Two, and it is the first time that one member of the United Nations has executed such an attack on another United Nations member nation.

Given the assault on Ukraine, many are wondering if NATO is going to get involved. Led by the United States, NATO has a policy where an attack on one member state is seen as an attack on all. Even though Ukraine is not a member of NATO, the country was trying to join NATO before Russia’s invasion. In fact, this could have been the impetus for Russia’s invasion. Given the possibility of NATO forces going to war against Russia, there is much concern about the prospect of nuclear war. Vladimir Putin is not exactly viewed as someone who is stable, and he recently put his nuclear forces on high alert.

Where Could Nuclear Weapons Land?

Many people are thinking back to the Cold War while others are being confronted with the threat of nuclear attack for the first time. Given that many people are very concerned about the prospect of nuclear war, there are many questions about where these bombs could fall if an attack took place.

There are several targets that are generally included in the first round of nuclear assaults. Many people believe that large population centers with a significant cultural impact are usually the first ones to be targeted. However, typically, aggressors would target attacks on areas of strategic value. Therefore, some of the targets that might be hit include:

  • Bases that have nuclear missiles in them
  • Command and control centers that are responsible for communication
  • Places that hold submarines or planes that can carry nuclear missiles to another place
  • Depots and storage centers for nuclear munitions

If one country is able to take out all of the nuclear infrastructure required to launch nuclear weapons, they have effectively won the war.

What States Include These Targets?

Many states within the United States contain these types of targets. Some of the states that could be hit by a nuclear weapon include:

It would be very difficult for someone to strike all of the nuclear targets within the United States because there are so many of them and they are so well-defended. However, it is important for people who live in these areas to understand what might happen in the event of a nuclear war. It is important to remain calm and remember that nuclear attacks are still highly unlikely, as all efforts will be made to de-escalate the conflict to prevent a nuclear war. Ultimately, if nuclear weapons are fired, then there is a good chance that people in all states will be negatively affected.

Nuclear Targets by State 2023