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New Mexico

Uranium Production by State 2024

Uranium Production by State 2024

Uranium mining in the United States has a rich and complex history, spanning several decades and involving various regions across the country. Despite its significance, obtaining comprehensive and accurate data on uranium production can be challenging due to several factors.

Historically, uranium mining played a crucial role in the development of nuclear energy and weapons programs during the mid-20th century. However, in recent years, interest in uranium mining has fluctuated, influenced by factors such as economic conditions, regulatory changes, and environmental concerns.

One notable challenge in analyzing uranium mining data is the lack of transparency regarding mining yields. Much of the data on uranium production is considered proprietary corporate information, limiting access to comprehensive and reliable datasets. As a result, the totals for many states may not be readily available or may be presented as estimates rather than precise figures.

Despite these challenges, certain states stand out for their historical and ongoing contributions to uranium mining. New Mexico, for instance, is renowned for possessing some of the largest uranium reserves in the United States, particularly in the Grants mineral belt. Similarly, Wyoming has a significant uranium mining legacy, with operations such as the Smith Ranch-Highland contributing to the state's uranium production.

Uranium Production by State 2024

  • In some cases, original data was given in tons/short tons (2,000 lbs), tonnes/long tons (2,240 lbs), or metric tons (2,204 lbs). To avoid confusion, all values have been converted to pounds.
  • Data on mining yields is not always shared and may be considered proprietary corporate information, which can make cumulative data sets difficult to compile. As such, totals for many states are not displayed and those totals which are displayed should be viewed as estimates rather than precise data.

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Total Uranium Production to Date (million lbs)
Prominent Mines
New Mexico347Grants mineral belt
New Mexico is known to possess some of the largest uranium reserves in the US. - Despite the state'...
Wyoming250Smith Ranch-Highland
- Sources differ on Wyoming's total cumulative uranium production, ranging from a low of 185 million...
Utah130The White Mesa Mill
- White Mesa is the only fully-licensed and operating conventional uranium mill in the US and has a ...
Arizona35Arizona breccia pipes (pending)
There are currently no operational uranium mines in Arizona, but the state's hundreds of "breccia pi...
Washington8Midnite Mine
- Uranium was mined at the Midnite Mine in Stevens County from 1956-1962 and 1969-1982. As of 1975, ...
Colorado5.30Maybell mines
Uranium was mined intermittently in Colorado from 1898-2009, and operations resumed in 2021.
Idaho4.40Stanley district in Custer County
- Uranium was mined in the Idaho Batholith from 1955-1960 and yielded 365,000 pounds (165 metric ton...
Nebraska4.40Crow Butte mine
The Crow Butte mine is the only currently operational uranium mine in Nebraska and opened in 1991.
Alaska's only uranium mine, the Ross-Adams, yielded a total of 1.3 million pounds of uranium oxide (...
Nevada0.21Apex mine
The Apex mine operated from 1954-1966 and yielded approximately 106,000 pounds of U₃O₈, considered t...
AlabamaAppalachian Mountains and Cumberland Plateau
CaliforniaKergon mine and the Miracle mine
Kergon mine and the Miracle mine in Kern county (north of Bakersfield) produced small amounts of ura...
FloridaBone Valley Formation
Florida's uranium is typically produced as a by-product of the state's phosphate deposits. - The Ce...
North DakotaFrank Uranium Mine
A mineral mill in Stark County recovered roughly 150 metric tons of U₃O₈ in total from 1965-1967.
A mine in Caddo County extracted trace amounts of uranium during the mid-1950s.
OregonWhite King and the Lucky Lass
The White King and Lucky Lass mines operated 1955-1965.
South DakotaRiley Pass Uranium mines
Uranium was mined in South Dakota from its discovery in 1951 to 1964.
TexasThe Texas Gulf Coast Uranium Region
Uranium was mined in Texas from 1958-1999 and 2004-2008. A leach mine in Duval country began operati...
Virginia's Swanson/Coles Hill mineral deposit is believed to hold 110 million pounds of uranium. How...