Where is Connecticut located?

Connecticut is situated in the New England Region of the United States, alongside Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine. Home to the late Mark Twain, Connecticut has many interesting facts to boast. Nicknamed the Nutmeg State, Connecticut was one of the first five states to join the Union. In 1788, Connecticut became the fifth colony to receive statehood in the United States of America.

Total Area

Connecticut is one of seven U.S. states with a total area that is under 10,000 square miles. The total area of Connecticut is 5,543 square miles. Of that grand total, approximately 4,842 square miles are land. Connecticut has a remarkable number of forests and parks, with 32 forests and 93 parks that are nationally recognized. The Constitution State is 701 square miles of water, making up 12.6% of the state’s total area.


Nowadays, Connecticut is the twenty-ninth largest state in the U.S. based on population. As of 2018, Connecticut’s population is 3,590,886 people. The population density is 738.1 square miles, meaning for every square mile of land, there are about 738 residents. If you were to look at Connecticut’s rank based on land mass, however, Connecticut is the 48th largest state. In other words, Connecticut is the third smallest state in the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska.

GPS Coordinates and Extreme Points

The GPS coordinates of the Land of Steady Habits are 41.6032° N and 73.0877° W. Connecticut shares borders with three other states. With Massachusetts to the north and New York to the west, Rhode Island is east of Connecticut.

The northernmost point is along the Connecticut border, with a latitude of 42.0506° N and a longitude of 73.4325° W. Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island share a point on the map. It is considered the easternmost locale in all of Connecticut. The most extreme point of southern Connecticut is Great Captain Island, which is considered part of the city of Greenwich. The coordinates of Great Captain Island are 40.9827° N and 73.6231° W. To the west, Connecticut’s most extreme point is near I-684, a major highway in Fairfield County.

Connecticut is well-known and admired for its expansive coastline that stretches for a total of 250 miles. In fact, the southern border of Connecticut is entirely water. While you might think Connecticut borders the East Coast, the body of water beneath Connecticut is none other than the Long Island Sound. Connecticut does not actually reach the East Coast, though the Atlantic Ocean is easily accessible through either New York or Rhode Island.

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Connecticut Belongs to the Northeast U.S. Census Region