West Bengal Population 2021

West Bengal is a state in India located along the Bay of Bengal. The population is 91,347,736 and is the fourth most populous state in India. The population of West Bengal makes up 7.8% of India’s total population.

City Size and Population Density

The population density of the region is 2,670 inhabitants per square mile. The total area of the state is 34,267 square miles, making it the 14th largest by area in the nation.

Population Demographics of West Bengal

The majority of the population demographic is made up of Bengalis, including Bengali Muslims and Bengali Hindus.

There are also minority groups including the Maithil, Bhojpuri and Marwari located throughout the region. In certain regions of the state, there are Buddhist communities and Nepali immigrants, as well as indigenous tribes. The state has multiple official languages including but not limited to Bengali, Hindi, Odia, and Urbu but Bengali is the primary language spoken throughout the state.

West Bengal is known for being religiously diverse. Over 70% of inhabitants practice Hinduism, while more than one quarter practice Islam. Other religions observed through the state include Christianity and Buddhism, just to name a few.

Literacy and Poverty in West Bengal

The state’s literacy rate is over 77%, falling well above the national rate of 74.04%. Nearly 20% of people in West Bengal live below the federal poverty line, but this has declined from almost 32% just ten years ago.

Growth in West Bengal

Over the last ten years, West Bengal’s population grew by almost 14%. This is down from nearly 18% in the previous decade. Though growth of the state has slowed, there is no indication that it will significantly drop or stop, leaving the future clear for continued population growth.

West Bengal Population 2021