Best Countries for Surfing 2023

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United States

Some of the best surfing is located in Hawaii, the tropical island state. After Hawaii, California has some of the best surfing in the country. Every type of surfing is popular in the US, whether you use a traditional wooden surfboard or a composite board. There is plenty of beach access between these two states with some of the best waves. Santa Cruz in California is known to have some of the best waves in both the summer and the winter seasons.


Surfers have plenty of options when it comes to surfing in Australia. This country has three different oceans for surfers to choose from, which offer a range of cold and tropical waters. Some of the most famous beaches for surfing include Bells Beach and Super Bank in Queensland. The Western Australia coast offers some different surfing styles with its rugged coast and unpredictable waves. All of Australia is a big playground for surfing enthusiasts.


It may surprise some people to see France make our list of the best countries for surfing, but this European country has plenty to offer athletes. Although the rugged beaches with unpredictable waves posed a formidable challenge for supporting Allied soldiers during WWII, today, these beaches are home to some of the best surfers in the world. Every year France hosts an international surf completion on the Atlantic coast.

South Africa

South Africa is positioned at the very southern tip of the continent and provides the most diverse shoreline for surfers. This country has varied surfing locations, giving surfers the right mix of cold water and tropical water between the two oceans. Although surfing in South Africa is noted for its big waves and incredible surf culture, it is also known for its great white sharks known to frequent the area. Cape Town, South Africa, is home to some amazing surf competitions and has a thriving surf culture.


With both cool water in Baja and warm, tropical waters in the Gulf of Mexico, this country has some of the world's most diverse and best surfing. The white sandy beaches make surfing ideal in Mexico, with plenty of reef waves for surfers to catch. The long peninsula creates ideal surfing conditions and makes this a destination location for surfers worldwide. Sayulita has some of the best waves in the country, with warm water and incredible surf culture around the beach.


The dry coast of Peru has plenty of coasts to make for an ideal surf camp. Peru is also home to the longest ocean wave, a bucket list item for many professional and serious surfers. Lima is located right on the coast and has an international airport which makes traveling to Peru for surfing easy.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is in Central America and has a thriving surf culture. The relaxed "Pura Vida" lifestyle coupled with the warm waters and tropical beaches makes surfing in Costa Rica ideal. Surfers from Europe and America flock to Costa Rica to experience an ideal surf vacation year-round.

Best Countries for Surfing 2023

Best Countries for Surfing 2023