Best Countries to Visit in May 2023

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Caesar, and all who came after him, tried to rule all of Britannia but were never successful. England is the epicenter of the United Kingdom, which used to contain an amalgamation of many countries. Because of this, England has some of the most diverse and historical sites to see on the planet. Often called a "rainy ship", England sits on an island which sees a significant volume of rainfall throughout the year. May is one of the few months where England does not have many rainy days, making it a popular tourist attraction.

If modern history is your thing, see the royal houses, Big Ben and London Bridge. England's history is deep-rooted with all the tribes that inhabited it, meaning there is always something to see, from the historical dark ages to the middle ages, to the height of its power in the world.


Hungary is an exciting location that is ranked amongst the top 20 most visited places in the world. Hungary's position in Europe is extremely significant and its lands have had cultural influence and importance throughout history. Although not considered Slavic, it merges the Slavic culture with a variety of other traditions, including Hunnic, Mongolian, Finnish, Turkish, and Islamic. It also has a large and bustling Jewish community, adding to its diverse enrichment.

Hungary contains many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which include the Biosphere reserves and the 2nd largest thermal lake in the globe.


Peru is perhaps one of the most esoteric places on the planet. Although its climate is always warm due to its proximity to the equator, it can sometimes have a chill in the air throughout the rainy and winter months. Peru is a beautiful destination in May, as the temperature is just perfect to be able to explore its many wonders. While everyone has heard of Machu Pichu and its wonderfully different history and myths, Lake Titicaca and the numerous parts of the Amazon Rainforest are extremely popular tourist destinations.

Peru merges its traditional beliefs and influences with its modern-day reliance on Christianity. The various vendors utilize alpaca wool instead of the more common sheep wool in the west, creating a unique feel and a wonderfully colorful stitching pattern. Although there are various buildings to visit in this cultural mix, remember to bring your hiking boots to explore the breathtaking beauty.


The "Land of the Rising Sun" is an adage to the cultural enrichment that Japan has historically brought to Asia, and ultimately, the West. Depending on the visitor, Japan has an extremely refreshing way of life that causes everyone to look inwards. The brash and bold monikers that are often considered normal in Western life are contrasted with the patience and innovation of the Japanese tradition. This is also evident in the aforementioned adage, which explains the way Japan presents itself - poetic, fertile, and powerful. With a blend of architecture, nature, and customs, Japan will never disappoint its travelers.

Best Countries to Visit in May 2023

Best Countries to Visit in May 2023