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Countries with Black, Yellow, and Blue Flags 2024

The Bahamas

There are many different colors and color combinations for flags, but when it comes to a black yellow and blue flag, there aren't so many. In fact, there is only one national flag with those color schemes, the national flag of the Bahamas.

This unique black yellow and blue flag design was the actual result of a competition. Using and combining the entries of several candidates, the design for the flag of the Bahamas was created. The birth of the national flag of the Bahamas coincides with its date of independence from the UK on 10 July 1973.

Today's flag of the Bahamas also replaces its previous flag, which held a much different meaning and looked vastly different from the nation's flag now. The flag of the Bahamas has two blue stripes, one at the top and one at the bottom, symbolizing the water that surrounds this island nation. The yellow stripe (of equal size) runs between the blue stripes and represents the rich natural resources of the Bahamas.

The last section of the flag is the black triangular shape on the hoist side. As the triangle points towards the yellow stripe, it is indicative of and a reminder to its citizens of the strength and resolve of the people of the Bahamas.

The Caithness Flag

Although not a national flag, the Caithness flag is of considerable importance to the country of Scotland. Oh yes, and it is also primarily a black yellow and blue flag. It is also a relatively recent flag, in the world of flags only being introduced in 2016. Along with a Nordic cross, this flag is enamored with gold-yellow and black that carry deep interpretive meanings.

The cross itself symbolizes the country's ties to its Viking ancestry, while the sea and beaches of Scotland are represented by the flag's blue and yellow designs. Lastly, the black in the Caithness flag is symbolic of its geology. This flag officially represents the counties of Scotland, which are essentially historic subdivisions of the country that were used until 1975.

Black yellow and blue flag designs aren't common, and as of the last count, there is still only the Bahamas that technically qualifies as a nation with a flag of those color combinations. By design or not, that puts the Bahama national flag in a class of its own, as it proudly hoists its black yellow and blue flag.

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Additional Colors
Black, Yellow, and Blue
American SamoaRed, Saffron, WhiteAS Flag
Antigua and BarbudaRed, WhiteAG Flag
BahamasBS Flag
BarbadosBB Flag
BermudaRed, WhiteBM Flag
Cayman IslandsRed, WhiteKY Flag
EcuadorRed, Saffron, GreenEC Flag
EswatiniRed, Saffron, WhiteSZ Flag
Falkland IslandsRed, WhiteFK Flag
GuadeloupeGreenGP Flag
LiechtensteinRedLI Flag
MayotteRed, WhiteYT Flag
MoldovaRedMD Flag
New CaledoniaRed, GreenNC Flag
Saint BarthelemyRed, WhiteBL Flag
Saint LuciaWhiteLC Flag
Saint Pierre and MiquelonRed, Green, WhitePM Flag
South AfricaRed, Green, WhiteZA Flag
South SudanRed, Green, WhiteSS Flag
TanzaniaGreenTZ Flag
Turks and Caicos IslandsRed, Saffron, Green, WhiteTC Flag
United States Virgin IslandsRed, Green, WhiteVI Flag
UruguayWhiteUY Flag

How many countries have black, yellow, and blue flags?

Two countries have black, yellow, and blue flags; the Bahamas and the Caithness flag of Scotland.

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