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Countries with Border Walls 2024

In the United States, Former President Donald Trump made worldwide headlines with his push to build a wall along the United States-Mexico border in order to keep out illegal immigrants. While many people have vocalized their opposition to the plan, the United States would not be the first nation to construct a wall along its border. Around the world, there are several nations that have border walls, fences, or barriers. These usually serve the purpose of controlling the border, keeping out illegal immigrants and preventing smuggling. Other nations use barriers when there are disputed or unclear borders.

As of December 2021, border walls are located in the following nations: North Korea and South Korea; Hong Kong; South Africa and Mozambique; Egypt; Kuwait and Iraq; Spain; Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan; South Africa; Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan; Uzbekistan and Afghanistan; Botswana and Zimbabwe; India; Saudi Arabia and Yemen; Brunei and Limbang; Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan; Bulgaria; Saudi Arabia and Iraq; Hungary; Macedonia, and Israel.

There are also several proposed and planned barriers between Belize and Guatemala; Costa Rica and Nicaragua; Thailand and Malaysia, and the United States. Some nations have their barriers under construction, including India and Bangladesh; India and Myanmar; Iran and Pakistan; and Ukraine and Russia. Poland and Belarus announced a border wall in 2021 to prevent illegal immigration.The Dominican Republic and Haiti also announced a border wall this year. The Pakistan-Afghanistan border was built in 2021 and the Greece-Turkey borcer was expanded.

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Wall Name
Length (km)
Length (mi)
AfghanistanPakistan-Afghanistan barrier2,6701,659
BangladeshIndia-Bangladesh barrier3,2682,031
BulgariaBulgaria-Turkey barrier3019
ChinaChina-Hong Kong3220
CroatiaHungary-Croatia barrer4125
CyprusGreen Line180112
EgyptEgypt-Gaza barrier32
EstoniaEstonia-Russia barrier10867
GreeceGreece-Turkey border200124
Hong KongChina-Hong Kong3220
HungaryHungary-Serbia barrier175109
IndiaIndia-Bangladesh barrier3,2682,031
IranIran-Pakistan barrier959596
IsraelIsrael-West Bank barrier708440
KyrgyzstanUzbek-Kyrgyzstan barrier870541
LebanonIsrael-Lebanon barrier117
MexicoMexico-United States border1,000621
MoroccoCeuta border fence85
MozambiqueKruger National Park12075
MyanmarIndia-Myanmar barrier1,6241,009
North KoreaChinese-Korean border fence1,416880
North MacedoniaNorth Macedonia-Greece barrier3019
NorwayNorway-Russia border barrier200124
OmanUnited Arab Emirates-Oman barrier410255
PakistanIndia-Pakistan barrier550342
PalestineIsrael-West Bank barrier708440
RussiaEstonia-Russia barrier10867
Saudi ArabiaSaudi-Yemen barrier7547
SerbiaHungary-Serbia barrier175109
SloveniaSloveania-Croatia barrier220137
South AfricaKruger National Park12075
South KoreaKorean Demilitarized Zone248154
SpainCeuta border fence85
SyriaTurkey-Syria border barrier828515
ThailandMalaysia-Thailand border650404
TurkeyBulgaria-Turkey barrier3019
UkraineUkraine-Russia barrier2,0001,243
United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab Emirates-Oman barrier410255
United StatesMexico-United States border1,000621
YemenSaudi-Yemen barrier7547
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How many countries have border walls?

There are 50 countries that have border walls.

What is the longest border wall?

The India-Bangladesh border wall is the longest at 2,030 miles.

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