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Croc Countries / Countries Where Crocs Are Sold 2024

Crocs are a popular brand of shoe that was first found by Lyndon Nanson and George Boedecker Jr. The goal of the collaboration was to create a foam clog that was affordable, comfortable, and durable. The original design was purchased from Foam Creations, Inc. Originally marketed as a boating shoe, the Crocs Beach design was unveiled in 2001. The 200 initial pairs were immediately sold out following their debut in a Fort Lauderdale Boating Show. Since then, Crocs has sold over 300 million pairs of shoes since its inception. Their headquarters building is located in Niwot, Colorado.

Crocs come in various colors and styles and are affordable, priced at just $49.99. With over 20 colors and different combinations, Crocs can be worn in any application. Other Crocs variations lined with soft material or featuring a more robust design can cost slightly more money.

Recently, Crocs has also rolled out Jibbitz, which are small decorations that can be clipped onto the front of ventilated Crocs. There are many styles of clips ranging from fun designs to Disney characters. Usually, clips sell for $4.99 each. It is also possible to purchase a multipack of Jibbitz for around $20. Overall Croc sales and production numbers are measured in shoe sales and not accessory sales.

How Many Countries Have Crocs?

Crocs are a popular brand that has been in existence for 20 years. There have been over 720 million pairs of Crocs sold worldwide. To date, Crocs are available in over 90 countries globally. The bulk of sales, though, comes from the American stores, accounting for nearly 70% of the company's total sales.

Are Crocs Sold Globally?

While Crocs are certainly a worldwide phenomenon, the pandemic in 2020 has forced this company to close many of its physical stores and retail shops worldwide. In 2021, Crocs downsized significantly, but there are still a total of 373 stores still in operation. The bulk of Crocs retail stores are in the United States, accounting for 162 stores. There are also 89 Crocs stores in South Korea and an additional 34 stores in China.

What Country Buys the Most Crocs?

The majority of Crocs are sold in the Americas, including both North and South America. A whopping 69.5% of Crocs' sales came from this region in 2021. Although popular, a smaller portion of sales came from stores located in Asia and the Pacific. About 15% of the company's sales came from Asia in 2021. The remaining sales come from other countries or online retail stores.

  • Data sourced from Crocs official website, which lists 'All Middle East' and 'Europe' along with individual countries. As such, crocs may be available in additional European or Middle Eastern countries not specifically listed by name.

Which countries have Crocs stores?

The majority of Croc stores are found in the United States, but you can also find stores in China and South Korea.

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