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Hazelnut Production by Country 2023

Hazelnuts are incredibly popular all over the globe, but there are a few countries that are responsible for producing most of the world's hazelnuts. The country that produces the most hazelnuts in the world is Turkey. Turkey is responsible for approximately 70 percent of the world’s production of hazelnuts, so the world is incredibly dependent on turkey for its hazelnut supply.

There are a few other countries that are also responsible for hazelnut production. In addition to Turkey, countries such as Italy, the United States, and Azerbaijan are also responsible for a lot of hazelnuts. Even though they do not produce nearly as many hazelnuts as Turkey, they are still major players in the world’s hazelnut production.

Where Are the Best Hazelnuts in the World Found?

The best hazelnuts in the world can be found in the Giresun province. They are incredibly popular, but they are also a bit more expensive than hazelnuts that are grown in other locations. There are a few reasons why these hazelnuts are so popular. First, they have a strong aroma. A lot of people do not realize that smell plays a significant role in taste. The aroma of these hazelnuts is absolutely stunning. Of course, they also taste great, which is why they have become so popular. These hazelnuts are also a bit oily, which means that they have a higher fat content, but they also have a very rich flavor.

Where Are Hazelnuts Grown in the United States?

The United States is also one of the biggest exporters of hazelnuts in the world. At the same time, Oregon is responsible for the overwhelming majority of all hazelnuts that are produced in the United States. Specifically, these hazelnuts are grown in the Willamette Valley region. The Willamette Valley is famous because it is the location where the famous Oregon Trail ends. Even though the age of Westward Expansion is over, the Willamette Valley is still incredibly important to the country. Without the Willamette Valley, the United States would not be able to grow a lot of hazelnuts. The valley itself is responsible for more than 99 percent of all hazelnut production in the United States. It is also responsible for about five percent of the global production of hazelnuts.

Is Hazelnut Chocolate Good?

Yes, hazelnut chocolate is also very good. There are a lot of potential uses for hazelnuts, and one of the most common uses is in chocolate. When chocolate is mixed with hazelnuts, it leads to a sweet flavor symphony, which is why people love to mix them together.

There are several other uses of hazelnuts as well. For example, a lot of people like to combine hazelnuts with coffee. There are some people who add hazelnut syrup to their coffee, but this hazelnut syrup has usually been sweetened. It is also possible for people to add unsweetened hazelnut syrup to the coffee, which gives a more accurate hazelnut flavor.

- Values indicate the quantity of in-shell hazelnuts produced during the calendar year, rounded to the nearest whole ton.

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Which country produces the most hazelnuts?

With 684,000 tons produced annually, Turkey is the country that produces the most hazelnuts.

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