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Largest Countries in Oceania 2024

What are the largest countries in Oceania? Oceania is 8,525,989 km² (3,291,902 mi²). The largest country in Oceania is Australia, which spans over a total of 7,692,024 km² (2,969,121 mi²) and is also the sixth-largest country in the world. Australia has a population of over 25.1 million people. The smallest country in Oceania is Tokelau, located in Polynesia. It spans over just 12 km² (5 mi²). Tokelau has a population of approximately 1,500 people.

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Area (km²)
Area (mi²)
% of Earth's Area
Australia7.7M7.7M5.18%Australia and New Zealand
Papua New Guinea462.8K462.8K0.31%Melanesia
New Zealand270.5K270.5K0.18%Australia and New Zealand
Solomon Islands28.9K28.9K< 0.1%Melanesia
New Caledonia18.6K18.6K< 0.1%Melanesia
Fiji18.3K18.3K< 0.1%Melanesia
Vanuatu12.2K12.2K< 0.1%Melanesia
French Polynesia4.2K4.2K< 0.1%Polynesia
Samoa2.8K2.8K< 0.1%Polynesia
Kiribati811811< 0.1%Micronesia
Tonga747747< 0.1%Polynesia
Micronesia702702< 0.1%Micronesia
Guam549549< 0.1%Micronesia
Northern Mariana Islands464464< 0.1%Micronesia
Palau459459< 0.1%Micronesia
Wallis and Futuna274274< 0.1%Polynesia
Niue261261< 0.1%Polynesia
Cook Islands240240< 0.1%Polynesia
American Samoa199199< 0.1%Polynesia
Marshall Islands181181< 0.1%Micronesia
Tuvalu2626< 0.1%Polynesia
Nauru2121< 0.1%Micronesia
Tokelau1212< 0.1%Polynesia

What are the three biggest countries in Oceania?

With nearly 3 million square miles, Australia is by far the largest country in Oceania. Papua New Guinea is in second place with a mere 178K square miles.

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