NATO Spending by Country 2020

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The North Atlantic Treaty Organization – or NATO is a military and political alliance used to guarantee each of its members' security and freedom. Created after World War II, the goal of NATO is to promote democratic values, cooperate on defense and security issues, and to build trust among members. This, in turn, helps prevent conflict from occurring. NATO also promotes a peaceful resolution of disputes. However, if diplomatic efforts do not work, the military alliance is used for crisis-management operations.

As of 2019, there are 29 members of NATO. Those nations include:

During the 2014 summit, all NATO members agreed to spend 2% of their GDPs on defense by 2025. According to data gathered in 2017, many nations still fall short of this threshold.

The United States is just one of three nations that exceed the 2% threshold. The United States spends 3.6% of its GDP on defense. This equates to just under $686 billion.

Another nation that has met this threshold is the United Kingdom, which spends 2.1% of its GDP on defense – or $55.2 million. Greece has spent 2.4% of its GDP on the military, which is about $4.7 million.

Poland has also met this goal by spending precisely 2% of its GDP toward its military.

France falls just slightly short of the goal by spending 1.8% of its GDP on defense. Romania also spends this percentage but, with a smaller GDP, pays a smaller amount. Latvia's military spending is also 1.8% of its GDP, but the total amount spent is relatively low compared to the other NATO members.

By percentage of GDP spent, the U.S. comes out on top. In order of percentage of GDP spent, the top 10 nations include:

  • United States: 3.6%
  • Greece: 2.4%
  • United Kingdom: 2.1%
  • Estonia: 2.1%
  • Poland: 2.0%
  • France: 1.8%
  • Romania: 1.8%
  • Latvia: 1.8%
  • Lithuania: 1.7%
  • Norway: 1.6%

Here are the 10 countries with the most NATO spending:

  1. United States ($6.85 Tn)
  2. United Kingdom ($655.27 Bn)
  3. Germany ($491.32 Bn)
  4. France ($477.05 Bn)
  5. Italy ($232.81 Bn)
  6. Canada ($212.77 Bn)
  7. Turkey ($180.00 Bn)
  8. Spain ($123.36 Bn)
  9. Poland ($113.76 Bn)
  10. Netherlands ($113.60 Bn)

NATO Spending by Country 2020


NATO Spending by Country 2020

Country Total NATO Spending Share of GDP Population 2020
United States$6.85 Tn3.42%331,002,651
United Kingdom$655.27 Bn2.13%67,886,011
Germany$491.32 Bn1.36%83,783,942
France$477.05 Bn1.84%65,273,511
Italy$232.81 Bn1.22%60,461,826
Canada$212.77 Bn1.27%37,742,154
Turkey$180.00 Bn1.89%84,339,067
Spain$123.36 Bn0.92%46,754,778
Poland$113.76 Bn2.01%37,846,611
Netherlands$113.60 Bn1.35%17,134,872
Norway$70.14 Bn1.70%5,421,241
Greece$46.24 Bn2.24%10,423,054
Belgium$44.94 Bn0.93%11,589,623
Denmark$44.34 Bn1.35%5,792,202
Romania$43.68 Bn2.04%19,237,691
Portugal$30.64 Bn1.41%10,196,709
Czech Republic$25.13 Bn1.19%10,708,981
Slovakia$17.54 Bn1.74%5,459,642
Hungary$17.39 Bn1.21%9,660,351
Croatia$9.70 Bn1.75%4,105,267
Lithuania$9.33 Bn1.98%2,722,289
Bulgaria$9.27 Bn1.61%6,948,445
Latvia$6.22 Bn2.01%1,886,198
Estonia$5.69 Bn2.13%1,326,535
Slovenia$5.25 Bn1.04%2,078,938
Luxembourg$3.45 Bn0.55%625,978
Albania$1.66 Bn1.26%2,877,797
Montenegro$780.00 Mn1.65%628,066

NATO Spending by Country 2020