Countries Involved In World War Two 2020

At the very beginning of the war, just about every country started to involve itself in the uproar. However, when everything started, people across the globe were collectively neutral. It was less about taking sides and more about trying to find peace so that countries could find a baseline level of harmony. That said, World War II transpired for quite a lengthy period of time, and as the war progressed, countries started splitting into opposing sides of war.

This split transformed into the Axis Powers and the Allied Powers. During the second World War, the main division was between the United States of America and Japan. The United States was on the side of the Allied Powers, as were China, the Soviet Union, and the United Kingdom. They were acknowledged as collectively being the Big Four Allied Powers. On the other side of the spectrum was the Axis Powers.

The countries that were recognized as being Allied Powers in World War II include...

The main players in the Axis Powers were the Empire of Japan, the Kingdom of Italy, and Germany. The three main parties that comprised the Axis Powers entered World War II under the Tripartite Treaty. Four other countries ultimately signed the Tripartite Treaty on their own terms. Bulgaria co-signed the document on March 1, 1941, and the three European countries of Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia signed the previous year. Hungary signed the treaty on November 20, 1940, and Romania signed three days later. The following day, Slovakia signed the treaty on November 24, 1940.

The other countries that eventually followed suit and walked in the footsteps of the top three Axis Powers were...

Many countries hopped on the bandwagon and showed their unwavering support for the Allied Powers. These countries were...

World War II lasted for just over six years, quite literally. The war erupted on September 1, 1939, and it did not end until September 2, 1945. With over thirty countries involved in the war, World War II absolutely reached the point of being the largest, deadliest, and most destructive nationwide war to date. With so much involvement from all over the world, World War II had a lot of changes in terms of who supported who and countries going from a place of neutrality to a definite support for one side over the other.

Here is a list of countries that were either battlegrounds during the war or places that up and switched their support by choosing to side with the opposite power…

Here is a breakdown of some of the most important dates during World War II, accompanied by the countries that were involved in the events…


September 1, 1939

  • Poland was invaded by German troops.
  • Hitler was confronted by France and Britain.

September 3, 1939

  • War erupted on this day.

December 17, 1939

  • Germany attacked Uruguay.


May 10, 1940

  • Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands were attacked by Nazi Germany.
  • Churchill became the ruler of Britain instead of Chamberlain.

May 12, 1940

  • Germans attacked France.

June 10, 1940

  • Italy attacks Britain and France, and ultimately invades French borders.

June 14, 1940

  • Germany invades Paris, France.

June 22, 1940

  • Germany and France come together in the city of Compiegne.

November 14, 1940

  • England is attacked by Nazi Germany.


February 15, 1942

  • Singapore is released from British control.
  • Japan takes control of Singapore.

February 19, 1942

  • Concentration camps are opened all over the United States for retaining Japanese Americans.

April 9, 1942

  • United States of America retreats from the Philippines.

May 6, 1942

  • The United States and the Philippines release control to Japan.

June 10, 1942

  • Nazi Germany invades Czechoslovakia.

November 8, 1942

  • British and American troops invade North Africa.


February 1, 1943

  • Germans surrender in Russia.

May 12, 1943

  • War stops in North Africa.

September 3, 1943

  • Allied Powers take control in Italy.

September 8, 1943

  • Italy gives up control.

September 10, 1943

  • Rome is taken over by Nazi Germany.


January 22, 1944

  • American and British military troops arrive on the Anzio coast.

June 4, 1944

  • British and American troops invade Italy.

June 6, 1944

  • The Allied Powers invade Normandy, which is known as D Day to this day.

July 20, 1944

  • Bomb strikes Hitler in Germany.

August 25, 1944

  • Paris becomes free from outside control.

October 13, 1944

  • The Allied Powers let go of Athens, Greece.

October 20, 1944

  • The Philippines are invaded by America.

December 16, 1944

  • The Battle of the Bulge is calculated by Germany.


February 11, 1945

  • A bit of reorganization takes place among countries.

April 28, 1945

  • Mussolini is murdered during an invasion.

May 1, 1945

  • Hitler dies by suicide.
  • Germany is taken over by other troops.

May 8, 1945

  • V-E Day is declared by the Allied troops of World War II.

July 28, 1945

  • The Potsdam Conference takes place.

August 6, 1945

  • The United States uses nuclear weapons against Japan by dropping a bomb on the Japanese island of Hiroshima.

August 8, 1945

  • Russia invades Japan, too.

August 9, 1945

  • The United States drops another bomb on the Japanese city of Nagasaki.

September 2, 1945

  • V-J Day marks the end of World War II.

Countries Involved In World War Two 2020