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Pinterest Users by Country 2024

Pinterest Users
United States84.6
United Kingdom7.61

Pinterest is an online site and/or social media network that allows users to save and organize videos and images called “pins” on a virtual board, serving much like a digital pinboard, hence the name. Its development started back in 2009, and it was launched as a private site for invited users only until 2012 when it was made available to the public. Pinterest is currently a free service that is used primarily by women aged 35 to 49 according to the United States Nielson report. Fashion and clothes are two of the top five categories on the site, and 90% of American site users claim they use it as a resource to get ideas.

According to World Population Review, Pinterest does enjoy a global following. However, America still makes up the vast majority of users with some 84.60 million users reported. Other top countries for Pinterest include Brazil with 28.05 million, Mexico with 19.45 million, Germany with 15.88 million, France with 10.65 million, Canada with 8.44 million, Italy with 8.08 million, the United Kingdom with 7.61 million, Argentina with 7.09 million, and rounding out the top ten, Spain with 7.01 million users.

In addition to serving the purpose of idea enhancement and inspiration, Pinterest also has a social element that allows users to share boards with other users and even allows groups to add to a board collectively. Many utilize this aspect of Pinterest when party planning. In addition, businesses use the platform to pin various products to their boards and share information about various services or products, making it a great way to market for online brands, or even brick-and-mortar stores.

The buyable pins feature was introduced in 2015, and it allows purchases right from a Pinterest account. This gave buyers the option of purchasing from the image, with a “buy it” button.This works in conjunction with Apple Pay to streamline the buying process. Businesses that post consistently and have large following will often find success using Pinterest as an effective marketing tool.

While businesses most certainly enjoy the benefits of Pinterest “buy it” feature and the like, individuals also love to spend time on Pinterest. Inspiration is the key from what to wear to how to decorate, it's all covered on Pinterest. This virtual pinboard that can be shared with others is truly a unique offering in the world of social media platforms.

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Which country uses Pinterest the most?

The United States has 84.6 million users on that social media platform, which places it as the country with the most users worldwide.

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