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Soda Consumption by Country 2024


Compared to other countries in the world, Argentina has the most soda consumption. About 155 liters per capita are consumed each year. The warm climate combined with higher-income households makes soda a popular drink. Health departments throughout Argentina are concerned about the long-term health impact heavy soda consumption may have in the future.

The United States

Coming in second, the United States has some of the highest soda consumption in the world. US citizens drink an estimated 154 liters per capita every year. Nearly 1 out of every 5 people report having at least one soda daily. This number is shockingly high and has health officials concerned with future health implications. High blood pressure, obesity, and dental problems have been skyrocketing in the country, coinciding with a high instance of soda consumption.


Landing in the third position for the most soda consumed, Chile consumes 141 liters per capita every year. The stable economy, good lifestyle, and low unemployment give people the extra income to buy sugary drinks. Similar to other countries with a high instance of soda consumption, health reports are declining, with people developing diseases and conditions related to the high sugar intake. The most popular soda in Chile is Coca-Cola.


In Mexico, people consume about 137 liters of soda per capita. In recent years, studies have found that more people are drinking soda than ever before, and the trends are only increasing. There have also been several adverse reports about the health implications of soda consumption. To combat the growing health crisis, Mexican officials have implemented a soda tax that will hopefully cut down the amount of soda consumption in the country.


Nearly 113 liters of soda per capita are consumed each year in Uruguay. Compared to past years, this total is higher than it has ever been before. Economists cite a stable economy and higher incomes as the reason why soda consumption has accelerated in recent years. Bone and dental decay are starting to increase, which concerns health officials.


As the first European country on our list, Belgium is the 6th-most soda-drinking country in the world. About 109 liters per capita of soda are consumed each year. This number represents an all-time high in soda consumption. Due to the recent increase, health officials have seen several troubling health concerns arise, especially in children. Chronic disease and obesity are increasing at a staggering rate. In Belgium, soda companies are trying tin increase aeration while decreasing sugar to make the drinks healthier. The government has also implemented a soda tax to help reduce consumption.

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Which country drinks the most soda?

Argentina is the country that currently consumes the most soda. Its residents drink 155 liters per capita every year.

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