Tesla Sales by Country 2023

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Founded in 2003, Tesla, Inc. is arguably the premier electric vehicle manufacturer in the Western Hemisphere. Electric vehicles are increasingly popular with eco-conscious consumers as well as companies seeking to reduce their gasoline costs. The Tesla Model 3 automobile is the bestselling plug-in electric car in the world and the first car of its type to sell 1 million units globally (which it accomplished in June 2021).

The popularity of electric vehicles has increased notably in recent years. Popular Tesla vehicles in addition to the Model 3 are the Model Y, a compact SUV which sold 186,575 vehicles in the United States in 2021; and the Model S, a luxury sedan that was Tesla's second-best-selling vehicle in 2022. Unsurprisingly, the United States had the highest number of Tesla sales out of any country in the world in 2022.

Sales of Tesla Vehicles in the United States in 2022:

Vehicle Name Vehicle Type Year Introduced 2022 Sales
Model 3 Mass-market sedan 2017 240,266
Model S Luxury Liftback Sedan 2012 176,372
Model Y Compact crossover SUV 2019 120,737
Model X Luxury crossover SUV 2015 31,371

Which country has the second-most Tesla Sales?

The nation with the second-most Tesla sales in 2022 is China. This is surprising considering Tesla did not enter the Chinese market—which is far more competitive than the electric vehicle market in the US—until 2020. Tesla sold zero vehicles in China in 2019, 135,449 vehicles in 2020, and 473,103 in 2021. Sales through the first eleven months of 2022 had reached 513,816 vehicles.

Europe buys the third-most Tesla vehicles

The countries of Europe collectively come in at #3 on the list of places with the highest Tesla sales in the world. In 2019, Tesla sold 30,911 vehicles in the Netherlands, 18,798 in Norway, and 10,711 in Germany. The Tesla Model 3 was actually the most popular vehicle in general in Norway in 2021.

How popular are Tesla vehicles around the world?

Tesla vehicles are quite popular in a global sense. The Tesla Model 3 accounted for 14% of all global electric vehicle sales in 2019, with total sales of 300,075 units—more than 100,000 more than its closest competitor. The Model 3 was also the 10th-best-selling car in the world in 2021. Experts predict it could break into the top five within the next few years.

Tesla Sales by Country 2023


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Tesla Sales by Country 2023