Tesla Sales by Country 2022

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Tesla Vehicles Are Quite Popular

There are many popular vehicle manufacturers and Tesla is certainly one of them. The nation at the top of the list of Tesla sales by country is the United States. This is probably of little surprise to those who own electric vehicles or follow the electric vehicle industry closely.

The popularity of electric vehicles has increased notably in recent years. The most popular Tesla vehicle in the United States is the Tesla Model Y, according to the most recent statistics. Tesla sold a total of 186,575 Tesla Model Y vehicles in the United States in 2021.

Which Country is Second in Tesla Sales?

Unsurprisingly, the United States had the highest number of Tesla sales out of any country in the world. However, the nation with the second-most Tesla sales is the country of China. Now, it is important to note that the United States used to dominate Tesla sales by country.

This is no longer the case, though. Tesla sold a total of 319,102 vehicles in China in 2021. Sales of the Tesla Model 3 in China accounted for 30,102 of the Teslas sold in China in 2021. That represents a 26% increase compared to sales of the Tesla Model 3 in China in 2020.

Norway Buys The Third-Most Tesla Vehicles

After the United States and China, the nation of Norway comes in at #3 on the list of Tesla sales in the world. Norway accounts for 8.2% of all Tesla vehicles sold in the world based on the latest data. This data also indicates that Norway bought a total of 8,473 Tesla vehicles in 2017. The Tesla Model 3 was the most popular Tesla model in Norway in 2021. In fact, the Tesla Model 3 was actually the most popular vehicle in general in Norway in 2021.

How Popular Are Tesla Vehicles More Broadly?

Tesla vehicles are also quite popular in a more broad sense, as previously mentioned. Two Tesla models would likely be on the list of the top 20 best-selling vehicles in the United States in 2021. These models are the Model 3 and the Model Y.

However, since Tesla only releases global sales numbers, Tesla models were not included on the list. Despite this, the Tesla Model 3 alone accounted for 14% of all the electric vehicle sales in the world in 2019. Tesla sold 300,075 Model 3 vehicles back in 2019. The Tesla Model 3 outsold its closest competitor in 2019 by more than 100,000 vehicles.

Tesla Sales by Country 2022

Tesla Sales by Country 2022